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Peter Krogstad explored Education UK Island on Friday evening

Peter Krogstad searched out the term "education" and joined a disabled rights education group. He then decided to go to Education UK Island. Arriving here he found a large field in the middle of buildings like a quad at a university. It turns out this field was a sandbox. So he tried to build a slide show blackboard. There were three others there also building. He chatted a bit with the others and one of them helped him build. He use 3greeneggs.com to make a script and tried repeating the script. This blackboard worked a little. It cost him 20 L$ to upload some slides to test. He used random walk graphs made in R to test the slide show blackboard. Because he literally use a black background the slides did not show up. The other students there pointed this out to him.

After this he went to Education UK Island's main office and read the notes there. He then flew around the Island and found a teleport slide show device at the top back of a large open air ampitheatre. So he viewed this slide show and then teleported to the British literature display. This was a castle and he went inside and looked at a note card. It seems they offer a course in British literature that is a university credit.

He then tried to teleport back to the ampitheatre but ended up under the bleachers. After getting out of there by teleporting elsewhere on the island and flying back he then flew into the top of the castle and looked at some paintings there. The castle had paintings on all the interior walls.

He then teleported home to Stratus. He spent a little time adjusting a script inside his house that will launch his real life web site about computer ethics when an avatar is within twenty meters of his house. He tried to adjust a variable so that the web launch script would happen three times for each avatar. He then logged off for the day.


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