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Exploring Health Island and getting with the program

I practiced with a University library RefWorks aided search for a rare health topic that produced 994 records. This list I formated in APA style both with and without abstracts. I then started to copy these to note cards in Second Life. I am not done that but it was fun to push the length limits of note cards in Second Life and I broke up the bibliography into different letter sets. I mostly had to go one note card per letter of the alphabet with the long APA list with abstracts. This later copy and paste note card creation is not complete yet in Second Life. I did this while sitting and standing at the PubMed tutorial due to open in early 2008 on Health Info Island. I did not use PubMed at my school library but this time in Second Life inspired me to start my own thesis search at school. It did not really inspire this search it really only motivated me to get a move on with this study at that moment last night. The health topic search was inspired but is not my topic and was really used for more practice with RefWorks


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