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I built a platform on some slopped land.

My new parcel has a slope so I decided to build a platform on pedestals. I first made two cylinders with basic Linden library brick and then repeated the brick at a factor of every 2. This made a nice narrow repeating brick pattern. I used my new lessons in coordinating x, y, and z locations to line the two pedestals up. I then made four floor pieces from resized cubes. The last thing I did was adjust these to fit snuggly and on the pedestals and inside the parcel limits. My average height avatar can walk under the high end. The low end also comes up against a cliff face and my parcel extends to the top of the cliff. On the top of the cliff is someone else's house with a tall wall. The other thing I did with this platform was give it a texture. I used the ASL free texture wooden floor tile and repeated this at a factor of 3 which gives a nice mosaic pattern to the floor.
I logged off and started to think of a free elevator I have from Yanni's junkyard and wondered if I could get that to work inside the 16 sq m parcel to allow access to to the platform.


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