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I bought a 256 sq m parcel of land and an adjoining 16 sq m parcel of land in Monty a mature sim.

I was driven by yesterday's post about looking for a parcel of land in the winter regions when I logged in this evening and searched out land again. I found a relatively cheap parcel for 2000 L$ meaning I paid a little less than 8 L$ per sq m. This is slightly more than the average price for the past 6 months which I think is about 7.66 L$ per sq m. This parcel is near a protected land segment in a near by mainland to where my home is. It is also in a mature sim. This mainland is south of where I am across some ocean. This new mainland is a collection of lands with much water inside and out the land. I also bought a 16 sq m parcel of land to give access to the protected area. The adjoining 16 sq m parcel cost 777$ or about 48L$ per sq m. All in all this cost about 3 weeks allowance and about 6 dollars real dollars. I then started to build a house on my own.

One plan that comes to mind is to cut down my land to just this new parcel and pay only the most basic membership fee with no land tier fee. That could be a money saving option. I could not buy more of the neighbouring parcels this evening because I am maxed out for land ownership size at the 25$ per month tier now.


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