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I sold and bought some land and also set some more for sale.

I had not realised why a parcel across the protected road way was green in outline until I investigated further last night. It turns out this small 16 sq m parcel was part of a 512 sq m piece I own on my side of the road. I wanted to buy a small 16 sq m piece in the new neighbourhood so thought of selling this 16 sq m parcel I discovered I owned so that I would stay at my present tier levele for land rents. I am also considering scaling back down to a more affordable sized tier level. A neighbour was on-line and I offered the land for sale to him. He did not really want it but he bought it. I then bought the new 16 sq m parcel in Monty my new neighbourhood. I also then set a 1024 piece for sale in Stratus behind my offices. I was able to find and rez my homemade for sale sign and place that on the parcel. I will see how well that works when I log in today. I would also need to sell my office parcel to get back down to the next lower tier. I learned to sub divide. while doing the first transaction. I tried but could not figure out how to join the two new parcels together and think this may not be possible.


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