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I sold my shop land and about 1600 sq m in total in Stratus

I sold a large amount of my land in Stratus. I had built up almost 4000 sq m there. I have been doing more in the mature sim Monty lately. I have been inspired by a number of in-world events I have participated in lately.

The first was a building class where the object was to build snacks. I learned a lot more about the object editing interface. So partly my forays into Monty have been building a building there. I have spent time lining up objects and trying out things like the free elevator.

The other inspiration comes from a redzone live in Second Life concert that took place a few weeks ago in the Gibson sim. So I have been thinking of building a club. I guess this is a common goal in Second Life and there are already a lot of clubs. I would need to diversify my club to do other things. I had thoughts last night of getting some expression for the club going along the lines of Monty Python in Monty sim. But that is just copying like the Gibson sim does. But I am reading about social simulation theory this evening and thinking of studies in computer based and mathematical simulations. Ah free thought! Copies of copies and empty lives devoid of meaning except by being measured by what we consume. No, not for me, but read on. One point I have been thinking is that consuming is actually a good thing because it helps us live better lives, even if some is excessive. We need the excess to make choices and mistakes. And the green movement can be used to guide those choices. So Second life an Ideal form or copy of the material world? Copying Monty Python?

The idea is brewing to buy all of the Monty sim and build up a Monty Python Inspired world there even with killer rabbits. I should get some money together and watch some more Monty Python and, of course, make a spreadsheet budget for such a sim.

Really Second Life is best done with other avatars. Building alone is not as much fun as social Second Life. The answer to consumption and the only way I can see it as a good behaviour is because of how it helps us with other people. I can see why single persons might like to have virtual avatar sex. Even the more hot topic of cheating avatar sex makes sense in some ways if unethical in my opinion. I certainly get better land deals when I do it avatar to avatar, rather than through the about land interface. Most of the land sales I did yesterday were to a neighbour. Neighbours have also given me land. Yes the book I am reading concludes that simulation as a philosophical theory is too gloomy and should concentrate more on relations with other people rather than consumerism and copies of the material world. I think I like that idea, as I paraphrased it here.


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