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April 27, 2008

Margarite had a chance to play this weekend too even with the new character doing her first missions

So the alt character is almost done the Mountains from Molehills series of training missions. Unlike Margarite she has Margarite's experiences to guide her. So she is doing the mission perfectly. She is also on a training plan of raising every skill up one level with out buying new skills but she did buy the social skill. This will take her 56 days from Friday.

So Maragarite and the alt shared the time on Eve-Online this past weekend. Margarite managed to train a skill too and also did more mining. Her goal yesterday was to have 2 million ISK but she retired today with only 1.3 million only gaining a little. But she has numerous items and ships made now and offered for sale. She also donated some ammo to her corp. The system where the corporate hanger is turned out to have Plagioclase ore and she was finally able to mine for Mexallion needed for numerous production jobs, She had made her way to 1.5 million ISK mining and then came back down to 1.27 million buying ingredients that she still can not mine such as Isogen, Zydrine and Nocxellin. She is well stocked and needs to continue mining steady to buy that memory skill book and then the Logic skill book. So her skill plan is still going to cost 25 million.

April 26, 2008

Margarite is trained to use Miner II's now and after a week figured out how to use both at the same time.

After she was trained to a high enough Mining skill level, Margarite found she could not put both lasers on her ship. Then after taking off some other stuff she does not know how to use she did have enough CPU power to work with both lasers and also two rail guns. She tried this out a few times this week. She kills low level pirates in only a few shots now. She has been ignoring her corporation but busy trying to earn enough money for her next skill.

She is having to share training time with a second character. This newbie character is just completing the newbie mission series Making Mountains of Molehills and she is just finishing the Villlard Wheel mission five at the moment. This newbie character is being systematically trained up one level on all the skills she came with. She only bought one skill so far and that was social. This training plan will take her 56 days.

April 20, 2008

Margarite was distracted but hopefully this speeds her up towards buying a skill.

Margarite got some help yesterday as someone recommended she start using Miner II's in her mining. She bought two of these yesterday and they cost about half a million ISK combined for the two lasers. She needs to now train her mining skills up one level and this is slowing her down until Tuesday with training. She needs this training to actually use the Miner II's. Today she will mine and try to reach 2 million ISK.

She also tried some manufacturing and research at a corp home station in a near by system. She did her first Time Efficiency research at this station. She also bought some blueprints; buying Plutonium S and Iridium S ammo blueprints.

April 19, 2008

Margarite Liberte was allowed to join a player corp.

Margarite has still not really learned to use her new ship and is still only using it for high security sector mining. She was attacked this evening but another player killed the attackers. She is trying to mine enough Velspar to buy a skill. She is trying to buy a 5,000,000 ISK skill. As of this writing she is earning about 65, 000 ISK per mining run and has almost 1,000,000 ISK towards her goal. In the last day she has mined about half a million ISK. With about 4,000,000 ISK to go she will need about another 50 runs or more.

She was allowed to join a player corp and is being told to train her learning skills. She needs to buy a memory skill and also Logic. This will cost close to 10,000,000 in total ISK. This would be about 150 mining runs. But her learning plan includes more skills and in total it will cost 25,000,000 ISK or close to 400 mining runs.

April 15, 2008

The new ship: an Exequror

So Margarite is now flying an Exequror described before she bought it as a good mining ship. She is mining right now in a system 1 jump from her home. She is mining for manufacturing supplies. Mining is much easier now with larger cargo mostly. More Mining improvements will be made soon to the ship. She was just buying a blueprint for a Miner I in a near by system. She hopes to have two Miner I's on her ship and two 250 mm tech II rail guns. At the moment she has one Miner I and two 150 mm tech I rail guns. But after looking at the skill required for the heavier rail guns she figures she will stick with her 150 mm for now. So basically as this entry is being completed she has 4 Miner I's in production and that will give her three to sell and one for her ship. But actually because she has some extending ming to do she may outfit her ship with three Miner I's and only one rail gun while she mines in safe systems for the next few days. So that is the high slots described for now.

In other production runs she has her biggest run yet happening now until after extended downtime today with 8 Navitas frigates being made. She also has three for sale right now. So her production is still focused around making stuff for new players. Her miner I's will be ready in about half an hour but her Navitas will not be ready until this evening around dinner. She is logging out for an hour or so now.

Her next move should be some extended mining runs to make 3 million ISK to buy the Logic skill book. Speaking of skills she is going to stop training Electronic Upgrades now and start training Instant Recall. This will be following the plan suggested my Eve Monitor. So she is logging back in to make that change in training. Then she will log out right away.

Margarite has applied to join a player corp.

After being invited to a help channel run by a player corp Maragrite has decided to join that corp so she just applied today. The other members gave her 4 million ISK to buy a basic Tech I level cruiser. They also gave her some stuff to outfit her new ship. To get the new stuff she had to fly 17 jumps away outside of Gallente space for the first time. She flew through three 0.3 systems unharmed. She had to learn to pilot without autopilot at Stargates. So after the gifts she decided this was a good player corp to join and just applied this morning.

As she reported to the other players in this corp help channel today, she needs to read a lot of FAQ's to get to know all her new toys.

She also was helped by this corp to discover, install and use Eve Monitor or evemon the program name to help her plan her skills learning. By using the strategies suggested by Eve Monitor she will save 29 days training to fly a Tech II cruiser by first training learning skills.

April 8, 2008

Margarite still exists.

Margarite still exists and is continuing her engineering career. Other players have been helping her start her engineering career. She has started to produce Frigates and these seem to sell well. She has sold almost ten of these now. She still is in the hole 300,000 ISK because of this though. I am keeping a spreadsheet of her sales and expenses.