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May 30, 2008

Nearing 3 million ISK now. Mining has been good this evening.

Margarite has been mining and chatting with another corp member. The other fellow has been advising her and she is learning quite a bit. She learned that the pirates only use frigates in 1.0 - 0.5 level security systems and their use of destroyers starts in 0.5 level security systems.

She is nearing 3 million ISK now. About one more run and she is there. Then about 20 more runs to 4.5 million and the Logic skill book. She is hungry for ore and a little dizzy. It looks like a long night of mining ahead. She is definitely up 1 million ISK from when she started today.

She is now planning to get a Retriever which besides the ISK costs will take 13.5 days to train for. This ship will cost close to 6 million ISK.

May 29, 2008

Nearing 2 million ISK now. Margarite is 2.5 million ISK short of buying the Logic skill book.

Actually it will take about 2.5 million more ISK to buy the Logic skill book. So Margarite might try selling her minerals after the first run she is on now. Then she will calculate how many runs it will take to buy the Logic skill book. If this seems a reasonable number of runs she will do them all today and buy the book.

She trained her electronics up to level 4 and is training her electronics upgrades right now to level 5.

May 27, 2008

Margarite is training her drone and salvaging skills

One of her corp mates gave her the salvaging skill book and Margarite has had a chance to train that skill now. She is training her combat drones skill now as she was given some combat drones in her last team mining mission. She also sold some of her mining drones. She continues to make Navitas frigates and they are selling at a very high price now compared with last month.

May 24, 2008

Teaming up with other corp members.

Another corp member took Margarite mining for one run. She loaned Margarite a ship, an Iteron industrial ship to carry the ore for this two pilot fleet. She used this with cargo expanders to pick up cargo containers full of ore as the other player used a Retriever Mining barge ship to mine. They then split the minerals. Margarite now has enough minerals to make 20 more Navitas Frigates.She will now log back in and make those Frigates as Frigates are selling well right now.

May 22, 2008

Margarite has sold 50 ships now of the 100 she is making

Margarite has made 50 ships and numerous Miner I"s over the past week. She has also made a lot of ammo. She is now able to mine five or more runs per session and then uses these minerals to make stuff.

May 19, 2008

New Uranium S ammo blueprint purchased today

The others in the corp have been making good money making and selling ammo so this is a new focus for Margarite. She is making some copies of two of her ammo blueprints and they will be ready later in the week. Today she bought a new ammo blueprint. She bought a blueprint for Uranium S and immediately started 1000 units into production which is 10 runs.

Speaking of ammo a while back when she first got her cruiser another corp player gave her a bunch of stuff including Guardian Tungsten ammo. She has now loaded this ammo in her 150 mm rail gun. She is mining with only one rail gun. This is so she can operate three mining II lasers at the same time. Besides those high slot items she only has some reinforced armour and a survey scanner on her ship. The lasers demand a lot of power from the CPU so she is limited as to extra equipment.

Just one more mining run left to do for this session today.

Three mining runs left to do.

Margarite now has three mining runs left to complete for today. Then when she logs in later today she will be able to set another 10 ships into production immediately after the latest 10 are ready.

Margarite's picture


Seven mining runs now to do

Margarite has the 10 ships in production now bringing her goal down to 70 more ships. To prepare for her next 10 she is mining. She has completed two of the seven mining runs she plans today. She is now on her third. These first three were for Concentrated Veldspar. When these are done she will go to the system next door to hers for Plagioclase and refine for Mexallion for her next run of 10 ships.

Margarite has made 20 of the 100 Navitas ships now

Margarite now has made 20 of the 100 ships she planned to make. She is on her last mining run this morning to place another 10 ships into production. She is nearing a million ISK in her plan to have 2 million ISK from this 100 ships goal.

May 17, 2008

Change of plans because of production run limits

Because one can only make thirty ships at one time Margarite decided to make ten now. She started those and sold all her extra Tritanium making almost a half million ISK. She played her two hour limit. So after that sale and perhaps the sale of the Frigates she will have 1 million ISK and be closer to her goal of buying the logic skill book. She will have to make ten lots of ten Frigates.

May 16, 2008

Mineral levels for 100 Frigates

Of the six required minerals Margarite has enough of two minerals to produce 100 frigates. She has now a bit more than a quarter of the Tritanium needed. With another 11 mining runs she will have enough Tritanium.

Margarite is mining with Concord patrolling the asteroid belt

There is a pirate in the area making these mining runs exciting. But Concord is here at this asteroid belt too. Margarite has set a goal of making 100 Frigates. Meaning she will need 341,200 units of Tritanium, 300 units of both Nocxium and Zydrine, 500 units of Isogen, 37,900 units of Mexallion and 26,800 units of Pyerite. This last mineral Pyerite she almost has enough of now. She does have enough Nocxium.

Margarite is just completing two mining runs and heading home.

After two mining runs for Mexallion Margarite has all of that mineral needed for making 15 Frigates.She had completed three runs last time she was logged in. She is now heading home. She may not have enough of the other minerals she needs for the 15 Frigates, but she will go home now.

She is now mining with three miner II lasers and her mining runs are very fast now. She has only one rail gun so she needs to stay in high security systems for now. But she has rarely been in low security systems and her present goals are just mining and manufacturing not exploring or fighting.

May 12, 2008

Margarite did another five mining runs.

After two runs for dense Veldspar Margarite traveled four systems away and did some Plagioclase mining runs. She then had enough minerals to make ten ships and some Miner I's. These ships will be ready in the wee hours of the morning. Her science skills will be ready by Wednesday at level V. Her total serious training plan will take until Christmas to complete but then she will be able to fly most ships. She will also have a number of engineering skills trained by then. First she must buy the Logic Skill book, the Focus skill book and the Clarity skill book.

May 8, 2008

Margarite is training her science skill to level V

It says in Eve Monitor that Margarite has two skills at level V now she wants three skills at level V. After she trains her science up to level V she will train her space command up to level V. This will take a couple of weeks and then her blueprint copies should be done. In the meantime she will try to earn 4 million ISK to buy the logic skill book.

May 6, 2008

The two mining runs to get Mexallion were done.

In the other system Margarite mined for Mexallion. She donated more ammo to her corp while there. She also tried making some blueprint copies but those will take at least 14 days waiting for a production line. The corp may be closing too so she has been told not to worry about working for the corporation. Some players are leaving for 0.0 space and a different corporation.

After her runs she came back to her home system and set another 10 Frigates into production. She is still training learning skills and now needs to buy the logic skill book. This will cost 4.5 mil ISK.

May 4, 2008

All seven mining runs were done but not enough Mexallion to start a production run.

Margarite did not estimate well the amount of Mexallion she would get on her mining runs. She may need four or five or six runs in the end to make 12 Frigates. So as she ends her last of seven runs now that will be it for today. She will berth in the corp headquarters station and wait for more mining next time.

She has 1000 Plutonium Small charges being made now though. She also put 1000 Iridium Small Charges into production. Her wealth is now 223,000 USK. She just logged out and the computer was shut down. Two hours of play done.

Other activities Margarite will have to do today.

Because she needs more Isogen she bought 200 units of this mineral at a good price in a different system. She now must travel there before she produces her charges. She will also need this Isogen for her Frigates. Today she plans to make 12 Frigates.

Her first 5 mining runs are almost completed. She is just about done her fifth. Next will move will be travel to pick up the Isogen then off to the other production system for mining. She just set the auto pilot for this travel. She might also add on one Scordite run in the other system for materials for the charges. So three mining runs and two production runs left today.

Margarite is in for seven mining runs today.

Margarite plans five home systems runs. Two for concentrated Veldspar are completed. She sold all the minerals from those runs and is back up at about 260,000 ISK. She now plans three Scordite runs for materials to build with. But she will also need Mexallion. So after two more Scordite runs in her home system, she will do two more mining runs in another system. In this system she can mine Plagioclast ore for refining into Mexallion mineral needed for Frigates.

She also has some blue prints in the other system and she needs to make some Plutonium small charges. So after researching the materials needed for those she will make a good 1000 charges for her use. If she still has time in the limited 2 hours she will put some Frigates into production in her home base and then retire for the day.

She is training her memory skill to level III right now.

The corp players help Margarite again.

She was on her fourth mining run when the pirates attacked this time. She got the last one blown up with her last shots of ammo. Meanwhile she was chatting in the corp channel and another corp member heard of her goals so donated 1.5 million ISK bringing her up just shy of 4.5 million ISK. But she sold her minerals from that mining run and the next and then bought her memory skill.

She now needs to wait until her sister finishes training her skill on two nights from now before Margarite can start training this new memory skill.

Actually she paused her Alt"s training and started training the memory right away.

Mining for 1 million plus tonight

Margarite's goal this evening is to end the game with 3 million ISK. She will mine for 1 million bringing her up to 2.7 million. This should take less than 15 mining runs and one run is now completed. Her new ships should be ready soon. She has had 18 Navitas Frigates built.

May 3, 2008

Margarite is busy mining

Margarite is trying to focus the activities on only mining until she can afford the 25,000,0000 ISK she needs in the Eve Monitor suggested plan. At the moment and possibly the next 52 days her sister far away is training her self up one level for each skill she was born with. Of course, starting with learning skills. But this means that while the Alt character trains Margarite can not train.

Margarite has learned this evening to practice mining without orbiting around the asteroid. When she does this she stops the ship and if she stops it correctly she is pointed to the nearest space station for a quick get away if needed.

This evening playing for a planned two hours, no more, she has so far done four mining runs. These were all uneventful and routine. The first two were for concentrated Veldspar and she sold all the Tritanium and brought her self up to 1.6 Million ISK. The second two trips were mining for concentrated Scrodite and she kept all the minerals she mined. Her plans at the moment are for four more concentrated Veldspar runs. She will sell the last two. She will mine the first two more runs then she will set some frigates into production. Then two more Veldsapr that she will sell and be up at 1.7 Million and then that will be when she retires for the night.

Her plans succeeded. She did though encounter battle with low level pirates and they knocked out one of her mining drones. This was on her last run. She was only on for two hours in total. She was able to set 18 Navitas frigates into production. She needed to buy 2.000 ISK worth of Isogen to do all 18 frigates and she had already mined Mex and bought other materials last weekend. The 18 frigates should net about 380,000 ISK when they are all sold. She left those in production for her return and she was at 1.77 mil ISK when she logged off.