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June 13, 2008

A lot of traveling to start the present goal building 20 Iteron Mark III's

After owning an Iteron Mark III for a week or two Margarite checked the price of blue prints for these ships. She was also inspired by other corp members who told her the corp has no blue prints beyond Frigates. She wants to improve the corp so she plans to buy this blue print. The Iteron is an industrial ship used for its large cargo space. The blue print is 6 million ISK. The selling price of the ship to the blue print cost ratio is very good. The price of minerals to build the Iteron Mark III from the blue print is about 0.5 million ISK

Margarite has calculated that if she makes 20 of these Iteron's she will make back her investment in the blue print. The profit is almost 50% on a sale to materials cost difference.

She has so far today bought almost all the rarer minerals for these twenty ships. The remaining minerals she needs for the ship will all be mined. The minerals Tritanium and Pyerite are both selling slightly better than average right now and she needs this sale ISK to buy the blue print. So she plans to mine these and other minerals and sell these two minerals to make enough ISK to buy the blue print. Then she must continue mining to get enough of these minerals for the twenty ships. She traveled through 24 systems including two 0.4 security systems to get the cheapest prices for the rarer minerals. She spent close to 2 Million ISK for these minerals. Because the market cost of the minerals to build 20 ships is 11 million ISK she must mine 9 million worth of the other minerals. Add the cost of the blue print from mining minerals and she must mine 17 million ISK worth of minerals.

Mining going ok with solo Jetcanning.

Margarite did three solo Jetcanning mining runs so far today. She has made about 3 million ISK selling the minerals. She has been doing this in a neighbouring system to her home base. She has also been buying minerals for a project but more about this in the next post. All in all she has faced asteroid belts with other players with Iteron's but no one has taken her cargo containers yet.

June 6, 2008

She could only have fitted one mining laser on the Iteron so she did Jetcan and it worked

Jetcanning worked fine. She made 300 K in one run.

Getting ships ready for mining. Moving ships around is like Chinese mountain's game logic. But now that she is in the Iteron she has other plans.

She is now parking her mining ship the Exequror and boarding a Gallente shuttle she just made in the station she wants to mine from. This system has between 11 and 13 pilots this morning. Mind you there are some big mining ships here doing work but that is only at one belt right now. So her Exequror is ready to do the mining and Jetcan the ore. She is now flying the shuttle to the station where her Iteron Mark III is berthed. She will fly this back to the system she wants to mine in. Then she will again switch ships and go mining. When she has jet canned three containers she will go back to the station and switch ships to the Iteron and then go and pick up the containers. Then she will process everything and sell it all. She may try first only jetcanning one container as a test run. She is just about to board the Iteron now.

Actually now that she is flying the Iteron she can she that she could mine from this ship by itself as there are two high slots. She will fly back to the system where she is going to mine and swap her Miner II's off the Exequror and and try out the Iteron on its own for mining. This will be one long mining run then.

Lots of routine mining done now and now for something completely different.

Margarite took to mining this morning after buying skills. She mined enough Tritanium, Pyerite and Mexallion to make 40 Navitas. She started training in Plagioclase processing and definitely needs to train her processing skills. She plans to use some Jetcan mining on her own now. To do this she will need to two ships. She got this idea reading the mining FAQ and after doing Jetcan mining with another layer as a fleet. The next post will detail how she will start this mining.

Margarite earned 4.5 million and bought the logic skill book.

At the time of the last blog entry Margarite did, in fact, earn 1.5 million ISK and buy the logic skill book. She also sold 30 Navitas for 40 K ISK each and was right back up to 1 million ISK before logging off. This morning she has bought a few of the 30 science skills she can buy. She made sure to buy Astrogeology and also bought Mining Barge. She is getting ready to use a Retriever some day. She has also been studying the Mining FAQ at the Eve wiki. She now must buy the Clarity skill book for another 4.5 million ISK.

June 3, 2008

Margarite is happy mining up a million ISK this morning, maybe 1.5 million ISK

Margarite is happy mining this morning. Rather than make stuff she has been selling the minerals. She has made 750,000 ISK so far today. So if she can stay mining for another hour or two she will have 4.5 million ISK total and she can buy the Logic skill book.

She got a chance to use her Hobgoblin I combat drones today. They quickly killed the pirate who attacked her.

June 2, 2008

Providing an extra ship in station for the Iteron Mark III

Margarite was loaned an Iteron Mark III. She decided to end this morning's mining and production runs with some reinforcement work. Deciding to leave herself a Navitas Frigate at the same station as the Iteron Mark III. Her plan is now about half completed. She first mined enough Tritanium to make a shuttle for the trip back to her home. When she makes that trip later this morning she will be done.

So she got out of her cruiser at home and emptied its cargo hold but did not strip it. She then assembled and made active an extra Navitas she had kept from production runs for her own use. She fitted this with her extra 150MM Railgun I and an EP-5 Gaussian I Excavation Pulse. She also bought two Expanded Cargohold I's and placed one in the Navitas. She also placed an extra 50MM Reinforced Nanofiber Plates unit in the second low slot. She then bought two more Survey Scanner I's and placed one of these in her ship. She actually had to buy these at another station and is there now. She also bought the blueprint for the Survey Scanner I and is now on her way to pick this up. It is in the same system as the Iteron.

In her cargo at the moment in the Navitas is the extra Survey Scanner she just picked up which she will put in the Iteron Mark III. Also in the cargo are blueprints for the shuttle and her Miner I blueprint so she can outfit the Navitas with a better Mining Laser before she leaves it at the other station. As soon as she picks up the Survey Scanner I blueprint and a replacement 150MM Railgun in her destination system. She will go to the station where the Iteron is waitng and start the production of the shuttle. When that starts she will take a break for an hour or two. She also needs to research whether she can take everything she needs back in the shuttle or if she can buy a cargo expander to help with this. This is the only flaw so far with this plan.

She will have to do some mining with the Navitas before leaving or later to get materials for the Mining Laser but she may just buy these.

June 1, 2008

Margarite will log in and mine tonight at about 1:00 AM game time Monday morning.

Margarite stopped mining when she reached 3 million ISK. She was dizzy and needed rest. She is training electronic upgrades to level 5. She may get to mining this evening or rather early Monday morning 1:00 AM game time. It would be nice to make 1.5 million this morning. But actually buying the logic skill can wait a day or two. So she actually has a few days to earn 1.5 million ISK and does not have to earn all that ISK tomorrow morning.