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Margarite did not manage to make 60 tractor beams yet.

Margarite did complete step one in her business plan. She was able to turn 15 million ISK into 25 million. But making 40 tractor beams took her a while and she needed to borrow from her corp to make the 40. These are still not all sold but 40 were made. So Step two is still not completed. She has been able to start step 3 and has built about 35 of the 60 tractor beams. She also has all of the 35 for sale or sold. But she will not be able to make the jump to 100 tractor beams so step 4 may not happen. In fact, her plan now is to pay for an Ishkur her corp is building for her. This new attack frigate should be ready today. Her next ship will be a Keres. She is also now flying her Helios but it is not yet outfitted.