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Margarite has now started to outfit her Helios for scouting.

There are three Helios setups in the Battle Clinic builds that Margarite is planning on. All use Covert Ops Clocking Device II's which looks like the most expensive piece of ship's equipment for these builds. For the smaller items of ship's equipment Margarite is buying these or building them. This evening she bought a blueprint for a Scan Probe Launcher 1 and built one and then started some material research on the same blueprint. She will research this blueprint and then donate the blueprint to her corp. She also bought a Recon Probe Launcher 1, in fact, she bought three of them. She also bought the blueprint for a Recon Probe Launcher 1 and will again donate this to her corporation after doing the research on it. She also fitted a Residual Scanner 1 and a cargo expander 1 on the Helios this evening.

She has not started setting up her Ishkur yet. Her Keres is being built now this weekend. After this her next ship next weekend is a Viator. She can afford the Keres but the Viator is 32 million ISK plus the transports skill book of 25 million ISK.