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Margarite has two more skills trained to level 5 now.

This evening Margarite finished training Drones to level 5. She has four drone skill books ready to train now but she can only train three of these right away. These are Drone Interfacing which she bought tonight, Gallente Drone Specialization and Minmatar Drone Specialization. Both of which she had purchased a while ago. She also bought Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing but she still needs to training Electronic Warfare higher before she can train this Drone skill.

A few weeks ago weeks ago she finished training Frigates to level 5. This lead to her buying an Ishkur and Keres. For the Keres she needed to buy Electronic Attack Ships, which she trained to level 1.

She also just bought and is presently training to level 1 the Missile skill Target Navigation Prediction.