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April 11, 2009

Margarite invented two tech II Amarr ship blueprints last week.

She tried about 8 inventions jobs and finally produced two blueprint copies for the tech II version of the Amarr frigate the Magnate. Now she is slowly making the parts of these ships. She is also now thinking more and more that she must really experience the Amarr ships by becoming skilled at flying a Amarr ships. She scouted some Amarr systems and settled down in one system. There are mission agents she can access in these high sec systems. She bought a Amarr frigate and will try a few Amarr missions soon.

Wormholes and fleets...Maragrite is not alone in New Eden.

Margarite is often flying an Iteron V with miners. Here she picks up the cargo containers these miners jettison their ore into. They mine and fill up their ships cargo then jettison the ore into cargo containers which magically appear when anything is jettisoned from a ship. She then flys within 1500 meters of the cargo containers and accesses the cargo container and transfers the ore to the larger cargo hold of the Iteron V. These mining fleets are one of her main activities flying with other players.

Today she flew with a ratting fleet. "Rats" are the in game term for NPC pirates. The goal today was to kill all the pirates and then loot their ships. They were also guarding a data centre. So while one player cracked into the data centre for more rewards, Maragrite and other corp members fought off the pirates. Margarite needed to be careful because the pirates were using missiles with about 15,000 damage points. Her ship had only 18,000 hit points. Meaning even one missile would badly cripple her ship and two would destroy it entirely. The only way for this to work for her, is if the other players have better ships and can remain the targets. The pirates will only target so many of us. If done right Margarite can fight and not be targeted. This worked today. The real difference here is that this took place in a Wormhole. A wormhole is a new discovery in New Eden. Both the pirates are more dangerous and the rewards are much greater, in wormholes.

Invention success was 100% today for Void M

Margarite was able to invent Void M ammo blue print copies. These are a tech II ammo created from Anti-Matter tech 1 blue print copies. Before today Margarite needed other corp mates to invent these blue prints So she is picking up some slack.

The ships that were sold to buy the PLEX.

In an effort to save real money, Margarite is flying on PLEX time or earned time. To make the final 50 mil towards her PLEX she sold her Taranis and her Helios. She did not fly these and could not fly the Taranis yet as she did not have the skills for it. She also rarely flew her Helios and never flew it for its purpose. Since the Viator and Occator can use cloaks she uses the cloak on the Viator. She also uses a cloak on her Keres. She learned cloaking to fly an Arazu which she also does not yet have skills for because she still needs another 16 days to train Cruiser to level 5. Also the Arazu is a specialty recon ship meant for PVP. Marge generally avoids the sharp edge of PVP. Part of her game technique is, in fact, successful avoidance of PVP.

Margarite Liberte was able to make enough stuff to buy a pilot license extension

Making mostly tractor beams Margarite raised 310 million ISK and bought a pilot license extension. This is the most isk she has ever had and the largest purchase she has made to date.