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May 27, 2009

Margarite has trained Mass Production and Laboratory Operation to level V now.

First she was required by her corp to train Production Efficiency to level V then various science skills so she could become and effective tech II ship builder. She is also a corporation ammo builder. She further on her own initiative trained Mass Production to level V and Advanced Mass Production to level III. She recently completed training Laboratory Operation to level V and then Advanced Laboratory Operation to level III.

Margarite built her first tech II ships this past weekend and also built a Maelstrom.

Margarite had bought a Maelstrom Minmatar battleship blue print copy and finally this past weekend had enough minerals to build it. It took two trips to Jita to buy megacyte and zydrine. But she can not yet fly this ship and is presently training the secondary learning skill Focus to level V so when she gets these wild ship ideas she can train for them faster. Each level of Focus increases Will Power by 1 point and Will Power is an attribute that has an effect on spaceship skill training.

Margarite also made some tech II Amarr frigates and her corp will sell them for her. She is a production officer in her corporation's industry program.

May 12, 2009

In preparation for building her first tech II ships Marg has made enough Tech I ships.

Tech II ships are better more powerful versions of tech I ships. Two parts of the tech I ship production are needed to build tech II ships. For one you need to take a tech I version of a ship's blueprint and then you must "invent" a tech II blueprint copy.This copy only produces one run and thus only one tech II ship. You do this invention using some datacores specific to that blueprint such as Amarr Starship Engineering Datacores and Mechanical Engineering Datacores. You also need an Amarr Starship Encruption Device. Then you need the skills of Amarr Starship Engineering and Amarr Encryption. The last requirement is a lab from where to invent the blueprint copy. Marg's corporation provides her with these needed items. The invention is started with copies of the tech I blueprint. After you have the tech II blueprint, the second needed part of a tech I ship manufacture is that you need a Tech I ship. You also then need tech II ships components and some more minerals.

Today Marg focused on building enough tech I Amarr ships for all the tech II blue prints she has invented in the last month or so. The day before this she bought Amarr specific ship component blueprints so she can build the components for these tech II ships.

May 11, 2009

Margarite is now focusing on industry skills

Margarite has finally trained Mass Production to level V and bought Advanced Mass Production and trained this to level 2. This gives her three more production slots for manufacturing. Manufacturing is how she makes all her isk or in game currency. She has also now trained Frigate Construction to Level IV and started training Crusier Construction and this will be at Level III in about 11 hours from now.