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June 29, 2009

Margarite will have all her learning skills at level V and cybernetics at level V by mid August.

Maragrite is training only her learning skills now. She sometimes trains another skill along with this if it takes less than a day like today training supply chain management to level III. All of her learning skills will be at level V by early August and her cybernetics will be trained to level V after that. Then she will buy 5 +5 implants to raise her attributes as high as they can go.

June 22, 2009

The normalization of skills continues. Margarite has more than 16,000,000 skill points now

Below is the present distribution of Margarite's skills. As you can see she only needs now to train 8 skills from level 2 to level 3 and level 2 will equal level 4. This is a goal.

  • Skills at Level 1: 2
  • Skills at Level 2: 48
  • Skills at Level 3: 89
  • Skills at Level 4: 39
  • Skills at Level 5: 25

June 16, 2009

Margarite built 23 Core Defence Field Purgers I's yesterday for another corp member.

The deal she offers for building is for the other corp member to provide the materials and then she builds the stuff for free. Usually the other players offers her something for this. With the Core Defence Field Purgers I's she was given three of them as payment. She now needs to figure out what ship to put these on.

She is building tractor beams as usual. She needs to start another round of minerals buying so she should probably make a trip to Jita for rare minerals.

She is also buying materials for tech II ship components so she can build a Vargur by Christmas when she will have all the skills needed to fly the current two or three most popular Vargur fits at Battle Clinic.

June 14, 2009

The latest war and getting spied on.

There was a war recently declared against Margarite's alliance. Apparently one of her alliance members was using some zero zero systems that some group claimed as their own so decided to declare war on Margarite's alliance. To prepare Margarite was warned to get into her low grade clone which she did. She also readied her Keres, her Ishkur and her new Vexor. She saved the set ups on these then stripped them and put the mods for each ship in a medium or small container and then packaged the ships and then put the containers and three ships in her Occator and started to fly to a system near the corp meeting point for the start of the war. She actually chose to go to a near by system she has been running missions in and when she docked there was a red star in the station with her. A red star beside a pilot's name means they are a war target or enemy pilot. This was strange to find a war target right there. She seemed to be being spied on. Anyway she logged off and wasn't able to come back much and, in fact, switched back to her more powerful clone at about the same time the war was invalidated.