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August 31, 2009

The normalization of skills is looking much better.

Margarite has now the same number of level II skills as level IV. She has 43 of both. At level III she has 94 skills and at level V 29 skills. She has zero level 1 skills.

Tech II building plans.

Right now Margarite has eight invention jobs running. With these she hopes to invent Occators and Viators.

Sales of four of these will pay for a PLEX. PLEX prices are reportedly at an all time low around 297 million ISK or even 270 million ISK. Margarite has to pay for a license for an alt character. She has about 28 days to raise the 300 million ISK and has 50 million ISK now.

After this she plans to attempt 16 more inventions of Viators, Occators and Oneiros ships. She will attempt 3 more occators, 5 more Viators and 8 Oneiros. Hopefully she will get four more BP's from this and be able to make another 300 million ISK.

The 600 million total will not all be profit so she need to continue to make ammo for her corp wages and and run missions and mine to support the costs of building these ships. Profits are only about 10 million per ship. She will also continue her tractor beams production and is, in fact, making some 40 tractor beams today and the sale of these will support the making of the tech II ships.

August 30, 2009

Viator success.

It took four inventions and two times 32 datacores ( 32 mechanical engineering and 32 Gallente Starship) and then Margarite was able to invented one Viator BP. Then she made the ship and sold it for 74 million ISK resulting in 10 million ISK profit.

August 23, 2009

Margarite is building one Oneiros now and is trying to invent a Viator blueprint.

Margarite started the manufacturing for one Oneiros now. She also has some of the components for a second Oneiros now. She also started two invention jobs for a Viator blueprint.

August 21, 2009

Margarite is focusing on her first Tech II ship build outside the corp production system.

Margarite is focusing on her first Tech II ship build. She has of course been inventing blue prints for ammo regularly now. She has been building components for ships too. She needs to train cruiser construction to level IV to really start building Tech II ships for the corp. But this is all corp production where much of the materials and blueprints and labs are provided by the corp. At the moment she is trying to build, on her own, two Oneiros. She is using blueprints from the corp supply but providing all the materials on her own. She is close to having almost half of the components made now for the first Oneiros. She will focus on this and then try to invent some Viators and Occators.

Margarite has now trainged all her learning skills to level V except presence.

It took her a large amount of time but Margarite has now trained all her learning skills to level V except for one skill that of presence.

August 16, 2009

Margarite left the corp rocket fuel purchase some 29 jumps behind.

Margarite was shopping for the corp the other day. She was also in Jita buying the first moon materials for building the two Oneiros ships. She forgot to load the rocket fuel she bought. So she is flying back there this morning to pick up the rocket fuel. She will also clean out a station she is not using anymore and move the items back to one of her home bases.

August 15, 2009

Margarite has been completing her first level two missions this weekend.

Margarite has been given some help getting her standings up with the Federal Navy. She can now ask for level two missions. She completed two of these missions last night. She has had it fairly easy finding agents to complete missions for around Gallente solar systems. Her old corporation are all very helpful pilots. For example, to improve her standings for refining at a station where she commonly refines ore she was given an agent's name, solar system and station location to run missions for, and this agent is from the same corporation as the refining station corporation. This means when she gets increased standing for completing the missions her standing also improve for refining. This is the agent she worked for for a number of mission and was able to reach level two missions. She also has the advantage of time. Because she rarely completes missions she has trained all kinds of skills and has the best ships for these missions. She used her Brutix almost completely fitted to the specs for a level two mission runner, a former fellow corp mate posted on battle clinic. She is only missing one rig to make it complete. It works very well for these level two missions so far.

August 12, 2009

Margarite's first goal when she left the Center for Advanced Studies was to own an Arazu. Now she owns one.

The first Tech II ship Margarite set her eyes on when she graduated from the Center for Advanced Studies was an Arazu. She has, just this past week purchased one of these from her corporation ship building program. She still must train cruiser piloting to level 5 to fly the ship but she is well on the way now. She long ago trained to fly recon ships.

Margarite's Occator now has rigs and can hold 35 K cargo now.

The most expensive parts to building cargo rigs are the armored plates. Margarite bought the amount she needed to build two rigs for her Occator. The Occator was a planned ship a long time ago and of course her tractor beam business plan supported it. In the end it is more likely that what actually paid for this Tech II transport ship and now the rigs she just built are her corporation production wages. At any rate her number one transport can now carry 35 K of cargo up from its previous 26K..

August 9, 2009

Margarite invented two Tech II Gallente Logistic ships blueprints.

Margarite was able to invent two Oneiros ships blueprints which are for building Tech II versions of the Exequror cruiser. She now needs to source the materials to build this Tech II ship. She needed 80 datacores to do this invention. She only had five invention runs but was lucky and got exactly the two blueprints she needed. One for her and one for a friend.

August 8, 2009

The corp industry wages were paid this week, finally!

Margarite had 350 million isk when she set out today. This was in a large part wages from her building Tech II ships for the corp. This building program has become less profitable for the corp though, so wages were delayed. She has just joined the Tech II building crew in the past few months, and is doing even more industry tasks for the corp these past few days.

Maragrite has already spent 150 million of this isk to get enough minerals together to build 300 tractor beams. But she does not yet have enough mexallon or isogen. She has been trying to mine mexallon to make up for high mexallon prices. But today even though she set out to mine mexallon she is mining isogen. Isogen is cheap right now too, so this is not the best thing to mine right now. She needs about 800,000 units of isogen and has mined about 100,000 units so far. She has a huge supply of tritanium and pyerite from previous friendly miners selling her these minerals in abundance. The first things she bought today was enough nocxium and then she made a deal with a 0.0 miner from a former alliance and was able to get some large contracts for megacyte which has risen in price these past few months. This meant, she was able to pay some lower prices for megacyte and now has a huge supply, with enough now for about 600 or more tractor beams after she makes the planned 300. She had already bought enough megacyte for the 300 tractor beams yesterday. So all this extra megacyte was not needed yet. Rather she is planning on future building.

She has already made 32 of the 300 so has about 268 to still make .

Margarite is mining a scanned site this weekend.

One of Margarite's allies in Eve has scanned down a site and the two of them have been mining Omber for about two hours now. The ally is now calling it a night and Margarite will continue to mine the site for a few more hours.

August 3, 2009

The long day continues now flying in the Occator, as Margarite picks up a mexallon contract and buys datacores for invention of tech II ammo.

The Occator Margarite has been flying almost exclusively is a great long space travel ship for carrying large amounts of materials and thus is a good trade ship. Today while mining a corp mate offered some mexallon on contract at 28 ISK. So after loading up with the minerals from the days mining Margarite traveled 27 jumps to pick up the mexallon from the contract. Once here she started the many jumps back back to the production home world. She also needed to buy more datacores for the corporation ammo production. She has almost now purchased what she needs and is picking up these datacores and making her way home again.

Margarite completed some solo Jet Can mining today but this is just the beginning of her long day.

Margarite needs mexallon and zydrine as the more expensive materials in building tractor beams. Zydrine prices are maintaining their prices at around 1600 ISK or slightly lower. So this expense is not increasing. But the mexallon prices have gone up from the 24 to 26 ISK range to now 30 to 34 ISK and higher. This has effected the costs of production for Margarite so rather than buy mexallon as she would usually be able to do, she committed this morning to mining mexallon producing ores. Her goal initially was to mine until she had produced 500 million units of mexallon or 15 million ISK worth at 30 ISK per unit. As she mined she reset her goal to a lofty 1 million units of mexallon. As the mining operation continued through the day, she grew tired of mining and reset her expectations back to half a million units. Then after mining 10 cans of ore a friend who was in the area alerted her that the low sec route Margarite needs to return to her home system was clear of pirates at that moment. So Margarite stopped mining after 10 cans of ore and after refining she was just short of 400 thousand units mexallon. By quitting short of the goal though she was able to get the minerals safely out of the mining area and into her Occator for transport to the production system for immediate use in building tractor beams. So today it was mostly mining that Margarite completed.