August 19, 2012

Building Mackinaws to raise isk for a pilot's license renewal.

Margarite and a corp mate are building mining barges. The Mackinaw is an ice mining barge that has seen some upgrades recently. Margarite and her corp mate purchased some Retriever blueprint copies and invented some Mackinaw blueprints and are now building the ships. Margarite has built and sold one and has another on the assembly lines. Selling two of these will almost cover Margarite's pilot license renewal this month.

Margarite also bought a Procurer mining barge original bluerprint and invented about five Skiff blueprints with three runs each for a total of 15 Skiffs possible.

August 3, 2012

The first Anshar is built and sold.

Margarite completed building an Anshar and had it sold before it was even into the factory lines. The pilot who bought it made it possible to complete the job which was very expensive with the high fulleride prices. The prices of fullerides are now lower so Margarite is building a lot of Tech II ships as are other corp mates.

December 11, 2011

40 jumps to to get cheaper mechnical parts

Margarite often finds herself travelling through many systems and jumping many gates just to get cheaper supplies for industry. Items are not always cheapest in Jita.

November 30, 2011

Margarite Liberte is purchasing four new battlecrusier blueprints on the market..

These blueprints will go right into research so as to get a better result meaning these will be built with fewer minerals.

May 10, 2011

Margarite is relaxing with a smoothly running ammo production operation.

The production of tech II ammo continues with from 3 to 7 pilots regulary working in labs and ammo arrays. The production of tech II ammo is non stop. Margarite generally spends her time buying the minerals and moon materials need to make the ammo and hauling these to the arrays. The other pilots generally have to only start jobs although a variety of pilots do a variety of jobs. Generally everyone is paid wages for this too. Recently the advant of successful planet based extraction technologies has allowed some corp members to supply constant supplies of rocket fuel to the production cycle. The corporation through Margarite have rewarded these pilots for the steady and volumious supply.

January 8, 2011

Margarite took some profits from the corp's successful ammo production work

Margarite had been working like a dog, a flying gate jumping dog, supplying the corporation with the materials for building ammo. Her long voyages of 60 plus jumps to find cheap rocket fuel or to buy new ammo blueprints like Depleted Uranium in Minmatar space where these blueprints are cheapest have started to pay off. The other corp mates use alts or jump clones to jump back out of 0.0 to clones in high security space to join the building efforts. We have other builders simply manufacturing ten jobs at a time of tech II ammo. A few other pilots help with other tasks like invention and supply. Mostly Margarite manages this whole operation so today paid herself some wages. She procured from the corp ship stocks two Basilisk Logistics class ships for her young Caldari combat protoge. She in fact, built these ships last month almost single handedly. Ships just are not profitable to make for sale. Making ships though still does save money on buying them. I hope that makes sense. The Eve market is a strange beast.

November 18, 2010

Margarite is supplying her corp 0.0 fighters with ships these days.

Profits from ammo making continue to roll in. It is a tricky market and barrage ammo is selling too cheap right now in Jita. Void should be a good long term alternative. Profits are being used to pay the builders wages and also to fund the making of tech II ships like interdictors and logistics.

Margarite is helping a young pilot with her training as this young pilot hopes to move out to more combat in 0.0 space and fight for the corp. The pilot she is sponsoring is named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Margarite is building her ships of all kinds and hopes to supply her with two of each Caldari ship. So far she has made her two of each Tech 1 frigate and is about half way through supplying her with two of each Tech I crusier. So far Jessica can fly only a Buzzard in terms of Tech II ships. So Tech II ships will wait for awhile.

March 3, 2010

Margarite sold the Orca she built.

Margarite sold the Orca she built and bought a friend a Pilot's License Extension. She had 80 million in change after this and proceeded to build more tractor beams.

November 12, 2009

Margarite needs to earn some isk for her next PLEX.

The tractor beam market seems to be way down. Mind you minerals are cheaper. Also Margarite's alt flies a Hulk mining exhumer now, and can mine for her. Along with this gain, Margarite's corp has had some regular mining operations in Empire pulling in millions of isk an evening.

October 31, 2009

Margarite is managing to earn the ISK she needs for a pilot's license extension.

Margarite was trying to earn enough to buy her alt a Pilot's License Extension (PLEX). She almost made it then the alt decided to buy a Hulk mining ship which he now flies. So Marg started again earning isk for her own PLEX and now has two Ishkur's being built and these will sell for 26 million ISK each and make up the remaining 50 million ISK she will need for her license.

October 3, 2009

Margarite was targetted today in Jita but escaped.

There was only one war target in system in Jita when Margarite logged in today. She had arrived in Jita last night with an escort. She had brought 1 million units of tech II ammo to sell. She made all this ammo. She bought some moon materials in Jita and was ready for the flight home. She predicted the war target at worse would try to target her Occator when she undocked but that she could get into warp and sustain damage and still make the first gate. In fact, the one war target did target her but he did not even get a shot off before Margarite was in warp and away. Once out of Jita no further war targets were seen.

December 29, 2008

Margarite had only 212.16 isk today at one point.

With a balance of only 212.16 one corp member said she had set a record. Another told her to give him the 212 so she did. He then returned her 500,000 ISK but she gave it right back. So smallest balance recently was 0.16 ISK.

She got into this state of finances buying minerals. But within the same day she was back up to at least 1.9 million ISK and bought more minerals by buying minerals she and another player had mined. So she had her modest share and then paid the player 1.9 million for more than her share of the mining. This then gave her enough tritanium for 35 tractor beams.

Her player taught this partner who is a newbie player to set names for containers, to transfer minerals to containers while mining and warping to bookmarks.

Margarite also gave the partner all the salvage from the pirate ships they killed while mining. Other players have done this kind of lopsided partnerships with her when she was starting out, so she did likewise with this new pilot.

December 3, 2008

Margarite has a an income from her business plan.

Using the first few steps for her plan she is able to make ISK income with less mining on her own. So really cooperating is the key to keeping the business plan functioning. She has repeated step 1 a few times and just this weekend repeated step 2 and actually had 50 tractor beams for sale at the end of the weekend. Just before this she bought a Keres. She has about 25 tractor beams for sale now. She is just about to start buying minerals for her next production runs. She will try to make another step 1 and then 2 before the coming weekend. She must pay for a Viator this weekend. A more experienced pilot was saying this was not a good choice but she is stubborn and will be trying to buy the transports skill book before the weekend and the purchase of the Viator. This means she needs an extra 25 million ISK outside of the production ISK she must maintain..

November 9, 2008

A growth plan for building Small Tractor Beams and affording Freighters and Transports

Margarite has a growth plan that should work if she can continue to buy minerals and make more ISK then she starts with by building Small Tractor Beams. Her plan includes about 20 steps, where she ends up supporting a learning plan that allows her to buy the skill books for Advanced Space Command, Freighters, and Transports. If this business plan works she will move on to the skill books for Jump Freighters, and finally Titans. All the training with be about 200 days but some of the training will only be a few hours once she has a few hundred million ISK to buy the skill books. Her plan with the twenty steps should allow her also to buy an Obelisk and a Gallente transport ship or two. The 200 day training plan allows Titans and clocking devices for these ships. So the 20 step plan does not buy the Titans or the Titans skill book but does allow her ISK growth to about one billion ISK and supports the purchases of Freighters and Transports.

Of course, following this plan may not be easy. Here is the plan:

  1. Buy enough minerals to make 25 tractor beams and sell these for 25 million ISK
  2. Buy enough minerals to make 40 tractor beams and sell these for 40 million ISK
  3. Buy enough minerals to make 70 tractor beams and sell these for 70 million ISK
  4. Buy enough minerals to make 130 tractor beams and sell these for 130 million ISK
  5. Buy enough minerals to make 200 tractor beams and sell these for 200 million ISK
  6. Buy the skill books Advanced Space Command and Freighters
  7. Buy enough minerals to make 75 tractor beams and sell these for 75 million ISK
  8. Buy enough minerals to make 120 tractor beams and sell these for 120 million ISK
  9. Buy enough minerals to make 200 tractor beams and sell these for 200 million ISK
  10. Buy enough minerals to make 300 tractor beams and sell these for 300 million ISK
  11. Buy enough minerals to make 300 tractor beams and sell these for 300 million ISK
  12. Save 150 million ISK
  13. Buy enough minerals to make 200 tractor beams and sell these for 200 million ISK
  14. Buy enough minerals to make 300 tractor beams and sell these for 300 million ISK
  15. Save 150 million ISK.
  16. Buy a second Small Tractor Beam BP.
  17. Buy enough minerals to make 300 tractor beams and sell these for 300 million ISK
  18. Buy enough minerals to make 300 tractor beams and sell these for 300 million ISK
  19. Buy enough minerals to make 600 tractor beams and sell these for 600 million ISK
  20. Buy an Obelisk Freighter
  21. Start again.