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October 31, 2007

Editing appearance is a not a big concern for Peter Krogstad

While not a big concern for Mr Krogstad he was concerned to look a little less newbie. He began as a boy next door character. Today when he logged in he changed into some freebie jeans and a different GNU T-shirt. He then tried editting his hair and made it a fair bit more blond and slightly more red. He also cut it a bit and gave it a bit of a different than newbie look. He too a couple of pictures of himself and his new hair and clothes near his new ceiling light and then logged off.

October 30, 2007

Today's eductional event for Krogstad.

On the weekend Korgstad's real life person got an invite to host a kiosk for the facebook application Second Link. Of course, this sounded good in a positive make a difference sort of way. So when he logged in a second time late last night he contacted Fire Centaur the maker of English Village and developer of Second Link and offered to take a kiosk. These kiosks activate the Second Link application on facebook. Krogstad was given a kiosk and then crashed IMing with Fire.

He came back in-world an hour later and set up the kiosk. He set up his Reuters news display again and got it actually working better with customs RSS feeds. He wants to make it possible for vistors to sit in his office and read his blogs. By the end of his over all Second Life sessions today though this was still buggy.

Another thing he did to his house actually the first thing he did today when he logged in, was delete the script that was going crazy popping up the URL launcher repeatedly  He again used 3greeneggs to make  a URL launcher script but this time did not try to edit it. Now the house only launches the URL once to each avatar.


So back to the Second Link story. He placed the Second Link kiosk on his front lawn and set up a picnic table with popcorn bag and lemonaid beside the kiosk to make it look inviting. He also put another BBQ there.

He did two other changes to his house. Well three actually. He set up all the computers in the offices again. He tried out some free furniture items from Yanni's junkyard stuff and settled on a sink for his office. Then the third thing he did was to search for lighting. He went to A1 Lighting store and there was someone there earning Linden dollars washing the windows of the shop. The shop had info on how to use local lighting, so Krogstad enabled that in his preferences. He wanted to buy track lighting for his office but instead bought a ceiling fan.

Having done all that to make his offices look better he took a spin on his bicycle down the near by protected road and went three sims away almost to the coast. It was sort of fun like a computer game actually. 


Then to finally end the day he learned how to give away landmarks and did this repeatedly to quite a few of his friends as he invited them to his offices. 





I went ahead with pay day coming up and bought more land near my offices.

Peter Krogstad started his first Second Life adventure this evening by buying a 64 sq m parcel for a lot of money. It cost the real life person about 4 dollars. Then not stopping there Korgstad bought a neighbouring 512 sq m piece. These are both in the front yard down the little cliff from his virtual office. He did this so he could try out his new editing skill and that is terrain editing. So he bought these lands and then took out some of the cliff and using smoothing, lowering anf flattening. He produced a nice hill instead of a cliff. That was adventure number one last night. Cost was about 30$ US or close to 7500 L$ but he also bought himself another 1000 L$ for his wallet in game. He spent some of this later this morning but that will be detailed in another post.

October 28, 2007

Peter Krogstad explored Education UK Island on Friday evening

Peter Krogstad searched out the term "education" and joined a disabled rights education group. He then decided to go to Education UK Island. Arriving here he found a large field in the middle of buildings like a quad at a university. It turns out this field was a sandbox. So he tried to build a slide show blackboard. There were three others there also building. He chatted a bit with the others and one of them helped him build. He use to make a script and tried repeating the script. This blackboard worked a little. It cost him 20 L$ to upload some slides to test. He used random walk graphs made in R to test the slide show blackboard. Because he literally use a black background the slides did not show up. The other students there pointed this out to him.

After this he went to Education UK Island's main office and read the notes there. He then flew around the Island and found a teleport slide show device at the top back of a large open air ampitheatre. So he viewed this slide show and then teleported to the British literature display. This was a castle and he went inside and looked at a note card. It seems they offer a course in British literature that is a university credit.

He then tried to teleport back to the ampitheatre but ended up under the bleachers. After getting out of there by teleporting elsewhere on the island and flying back he then flew into the top of the castle and looked at some paintings there. The castle had paintings on all the interior walls.

He then teleported home to Stratus. He spent a little time adjusting a script inside his house that will launch his real life web site about computer ethics when an avatar is within twenty meters of his house. He tried to adjust a variable so that the web launch script would happen three times for each avatar. He then logged off for the day.

October 27, 2007

I completed writing the banner above.

You can see Peter Korgstad in various locations above with various clothes on. These in-world photos were taken from 2006-2007.

CITASAtestout 2007-08-11.jpg

From another blog the beginning of this blog

I have been studying inside Second Life with the help of Tracy Kennedy and Joanna Robinson. Tracy is writing her Ph.D. with Barry Wellman at the University of Toronto and Joanna is a research associate at Simon Fraser. I joined them at a virtual campus last fall. I have since joined them at a meeting of the Communications, Information and Technology section of the American Sociology Association and wrote a paper on facebook and privacy for that event. I just posted it Thursday night at

I have now learned more about Second Life by reading books. I read just a little of the Offical Guide to Second Life and with that created another account and avatar and went through orientation island again where I better learned to fly. This has really helped me out. I moved my house or should I say my offices to a PG sim and it is more pleasant to see on screen now. I find I am spending more time on-line there now in this virtual reality world that is like photoshop for 3 dimensional stuff. It has cost me close to 400 dollars now in about 1.5 years of use.

I am going to open a blog now for this virtual world and report my progress there. I will post the new blog address here when it is set up.