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November 23, 2007

I built a table and finally got some objects linked.

Peter Krogstad attended a workshop to build some snacks but got amazed with adjusting the x,y,z coordinates of a table he was asked to build during the class. Instead of continuing the class he took his futuristic table and went back to his new shop and then set it for sale for 100 L$. He had to come back a few times and adjusted the table pieces but he learned Link objects and Unlink in the Tools menu on the SL viewer. He also learned to centre objects to the same point by copying and pasting world coordinates to all the objects. This way they would all centre on the same point. He also learned to adjust the size and shape of objects and twists and hollows. He is learning a lot about building now.

He also just last night met a builder who is building a motorcycle and they became friends. She is in Vancouver but Peter won't write her name here as she did not give permission and Peter forgot to ask her about this.

Peter has kept up with the updates to Second Life link and should have the most current link device on his land in front of the shop now. He will post some shop pictures soon. He has also designed a clear sign for the front of the shop and for the roof. In the end the writing in Greek was not clear enough from TeXShop so he used Adobe Image Ready 3.0 to do the sign images.

November 11, 2007

Peter Krogstad chatted with Zara Vale this evening

Peter Korgstad visited a school namely Academy of Second Life and met a SL mentor named Zara Vale. Zara explained the lag issues Peter was experiencing. They shared a brief chat about this and designing issues and then Peter logged off.

Peter Krogstad bought another small piece of land.

Now almost at the road Peter bought a small parcel in front of the shop. He also set an object for sale in the shop and that is the blackboard viewer he built in the UK Education Island sandbox. It has a picture of a random walk graph in the viewer right now and is not really working but it is an object for sale for 25 L$ in the new shop.

Movement issues and buggy past few log ins.

Second life has not been all that much fun logging in alone. But worse is the issues with moving forward and having my avatar sink into the ground. Also I sometimes just keep moving forward and don't stop until I walk into something and then find myself back where I started.

November 6, 2007

Another view of the library discussion.


One view of the library discussion.


Today's educational event...joining other educators for an open discussion.

I joined some other educators today at Blacklibrary and we chatted for awhile. We all added each other as friends afterwards. I will post some pictures here and hope I don't offend anyone by doing this.


I bought yet another piece of land ajoinning my present land and placed a shop.

I was logged in on the train and my wife watched me play the game. I saw a women in an evening dress in the neighbouring lot. I chatted with her and found out she owned the little wooden house on the lot but was not there much and she mostly did role playing games. I asked her if she would mind if I put a shop there beside her lot. I have two 512 sq m lots there now sort of diagonally connected to my office lot and a small 64 sq m lot there too to make a wider connection. So I had just bought the second 512 sq m lot when I talked to the neighbour to that lot. I figured these two joined flat lots would be a good location for a store as they are both close to the protected road.

Then on Monday I searched through the two Yanni's free building folders in my inventory which I have. I found a store and rezed it and then spent about half an hour placing it inside the two lots. This is significant I edited the store while flying so my skills in movement are improving.  I was able to fly around the building and see that it fit inside my property lines properly. The store can also be raised on a pedestal but I sunk the pedestal.  The raised aspect is what got me flying while I edited. The store is very futuristic and that was the last time I was logged in and today I can not log in.

November 3, 2007

My real life brother is going to try out Second Life to sell some graphics.

I gave my official handbook for Second Life for the weekend to my brother who said he would try out Second Life with his family at the computer. He plans to upload graphics and sell clothes and mostly T-Shirts with his graphic art. I told him he could build and sell his stuff on the crystal computing property in other words on Peter Krogstad's land. I had set some land for sale yesterday but today canceled the sales and bought another 512 sq m beside the last piece I bought and think my brother and his family could easily open a small clothing shop in this area and it is near a road so would be a good location for a shop. Peter Krogstad also chatted with a neighbour in Stratus and she likes shopping so that opening a shop will at least, not offend that neighbour to the shop.

Present Blogscope.net search for my avatar

I wondered if my avatar was becoming more famous than I thought. But this is not true and here is a blog scope search for my avatar. Thus suggesting this avatar is only known inside the game and not on the web further than this blog.