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December 29, 2007

I sold and bought some land and also set some more for sale.

I had not realised why a parcel across the protected road way was green in outline until I investigated further last night. It turns out this small 16 sq m parcel was part of a 512 sq m piece I own on my side of the road. I wanted to buy a small 16 sq m piece in the new neighbourhood so thought of selling this 16 sq m parcel I discovered I owned so that I would stay at my present tier levele for land rents. I am also considering scaling back down to a more affordable sized tier level. A neighbour was on-line and I offered the land for sale to him. He did not really want it but he bought it. I then bought the new 16 sq m parcel in Monty my new neighbourhood. I also then set a 1024 piece for sale in Stratus behind my offices. I was able to find and rez my homemade for sale sign and place that on the parcel. I will see how well that works when I log in today. I would also need to sell my office parcel to get back down to the next lower tier. I learned to sub divide. while doing the first transaction. I tried but could not figure out how to join the two new parcels together and think this may not be possible.

I had some troubles with a free "killer" elevator

I used a free elevator from Yanni's junkyard with the idea that this would be used to bring avatars up to the platform. But after adjusting the positioning and everything, the elevator turned out to be dangerous. It would lift me too high and then I would drop down only to be lifted again like some silent film comedy. I spent about an hour with the script and the objects trying to fix the problem but could not. So I unrezzed it and made a slopped walk up to the platform. I would like to build almost everything myself in this new home. The idea I think for a lot of people is to become a paid builder in Second Life.

Personally I am finding the game frustrating to move around in. I think I am going to scale back my playing of this game. 



December 26, 2007

Exploring Health Island and getting with the program

I practiced with a University library RefWorks aided search for a rare health topic that produced 994 records. This list I formated in APA style both with and without abstracts. I then started to copy these to note cards in Second Life. I am not done that but it was fun to push the length limits of note cards in Second Life and I broke up the bibliography into different letter sets. I mostly had to go one note card per letter of the alphabet with the long APA list with abstracts. This later copy and paste note card creation is not complete yet in Second Life. I did this while sitting and standing at the PubMed tutorial due to open in early 2008 on Health Info Island. I did not use PubMed at my school library but this time in Second Life inspired me to start my own thesis search at school. It did not really inspire this search it really only motivated me to get a move on with this study at that moment last night. The health topic search was inspired but is not my topic and was really used for more practice with RefWorks

I built a platform on some slopped land.

My new parcel has a slope so I decided to build a platform on pedestals. I first made two cylinders with basic Linden library brick and then repeated the brick at a factor of every 2. This made a nice narrow repeating brick pattern. I used my new lessons in coordinating x, y, and z locations to line the two pedestals up. I then made four floor pieces from resized cubes. The last thing I did was adjust these to fit snuggly and on the pedestals and inside the parcel limits. My average height avatar can walk under the high end. The low end also comes up against a cliff face and my parcel extends to the top of the cliff. On the top of the cliff is someone else's house with a tall wall. The other thing I did with this platform was give it a texture. I used the ASL free texture wooden floor tile and repeated this at a factor of 3 which gives a nice mosaic pattern to the floor.
I logged off and started to think of a free elevator I have from Yanni's junkyard and wondered if I could get that to work inside the 16 sq m parcel to allow access to to the platform.

I bought a 256 sq m parcel of land and an adjoining 16 sq m parcel of land in Monty a mature sim.

I was driven by yesterday's post about looking for a parcel of land in the winter regions when I logged in this evening and searched out land again. I found a relatively cheap parcel for 2000 L$ meaning I paid a little less than 8 L$ per sq m. This is slightly more than the average price for the past 6 months which I think is about 7.66 L$ per sq m. This parcel is near a protected land segment in a near by mainland to where my home is. It is also in a mature sim. This mainland is south of where I am across some ocean. This new mainland is a collection of lands with much water inside and out the land. I also bought a 16 sq m parcel of land to give access to the protected area. The adjoining 16 sq m parcel cost 777$ or about 48L$ per sq m. All in all this cost about 3 weeks allowance and about 6 dollars real dollars. I then started to build a house on my own.

One plan that comes to mind is to cut down my land to just this new parcel and pay only the most basic membership fee with no land tier fee. That could be a money saving option. I could not buy more of the neighbouring parcels this evening because I am maxed out for land ownership size at the 25$ per month tier now.

December 25, 2007

Long distance travel.

Now that I can fly better I tried flying from mainland to mainland but then gave up and island hopped using teleport. I was looking for a large piece of red land like a desert that I had seen while exploring the SLURL map on the web. I eneded up dropping in and out of various islands. It was confusing and chaotic.

I visited the Second Life winter festival.

I went to the Second Life winter festival and explored some of the winter regions looking for a small parcel of land to buy.

December 8, 2007

Peter Krogstad visited the Estonian Embassy and enjoyed it and took some pictures.

I have been consuming a lot of web pages about Second Life. I read various news sources posted a lot by friends on facebook. I also gravitate to Second Life news stories and last night it was the Second Life dot com site that lead me to read about the Virtual Embassy in Second Life of my one of homelands: Estonia.

So I visited and took pictures and this is one time where I was doing travels and sight seeing in Second Life. I posted four pictures in this blog's photo mosaic banner. Can you see them? You may recognize the the Blue, Black and White flag.