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May 31, 2006

Health and safety reading tonight

The last books I bought I think were some health and safety reference books I ordered on-line. The ordering was done on a German web page and they just sent the books and invoiced me in Euros. I wasn't even sure I had read the web order page correctly because my German is very weak. I got the books in the mail a few weeks ago and just read some more of one tonight after getting home from work at school. I finally after about two days of trying, a few weeks ago was able to afford to buy a money order in Euros from my bank and mail it to the German publisher. This money really comes from my union who give me money every school term for doing this health and safety representative work at the campus. The latest magazine I bought I bought today and it is about Linux computers.

The Macbook is in the mail or rather Federal Express from Suzhou, China.

I ordered a new Macbook computer on-line and it has now shipped. It is shipping from Suzhou, China and I wonder who built it. I have written a science fiction story which played on the idea of computers as drugs and the idea that China or Asia is the birthplace of technology. But from what I am reading about feminism and computing it is also place of low wage jobs building computers for people like me.

I am looking forward to increased functionality in this computer. It is new and has only been on the market for a few weeks. It has a video camera built in. I am really looking forward to that device. It also has a remote control so I can do projections and slide shows away from the machine. It will burn DVD's and CD's. It also has iLife 06 and I want to try out iWeb a new software I have been hearing about although what I have heard has been critical of iWeb. I also will be able to run bootcamp and thus WinXP on this mac. I also was able to afford a Mighty Mouse which I have been meaning to buy for some time now.

May 27, 2006

My next piece of technology is a Macbook

I am getting a Macbook computer. The specs of the Macbook are here http://www.apple.com/macbook/specs.html.

May 25, 2006

Added the 'Others' category just now.

I have answered criminological questions about the 'Other' before. I first came across this simplified concept of people in relation to the self in an anti-psychiatrist's writings. The doctor was Cooper and the book was The Grammar of Living. I threw that book out in the late 1980's because it was about drugs and sex between doctors and patients. But the algebra of relations has been appealing to me lately as a tool of sociological analysis because of my math studies. Apparently, American style sociology is more about monads, diads and other relationship analysis.

Speaking of others I met some labour leaders and labour politicians yesterday at a labour conference. They were approchable and I talked with one of them about disAbility issues and workers with disAbilities. No real tech involved although it was a big audio visual show too with a 1000 person audience and I talked to the production manager on a smoke break. He was wearing a union shirt from another union I have belonged with in the past. I took digital pictures of the head table and we had our local's delegates photographed at our table. I am back at the labour conference on Friday to vote for new leaders or vote in the old again.

I am trying out Second Life and made 1 friend in that system tonight.

I listened to a business week podcast earlier on Wednesday. It was about Second Life and money making in on-line gaming. I tried Second life for about 15 minutes just now. I made one friend who was logged on for the first time. She had cool clothes and some fast athletic moves. We chatted a little and then added each other as friends. It was my second time logging in. It was sort of uplifting. But am I really to be defined as a second life player?

May 22, 2006

I am a bohemian

I am a bohemian and qualify for this by using cigarettes and coffee as drugs to obtain certain states of mind. I do not use illegal drugs or alcohol.

I am reading something new by Chris Hables Gray.

You have to know that this author Chris Hables Gray wrote a book called Cyborg Citizen. This is also where the inspiration for this web site came from. I borrowed one of his recent books a couple of weeks ago. Here is the cite Gray, Chris Hables. Peace, War, and Computers (New York: Routledge, 2005).

May 13, 2006

Television and mood.

At the moment my mood is totally wrapped up in a hockey game where Ottawa lost and is out for the season. I am my TV. It is a very hyped mood after watching a game and I have just been in two fast talking conversations at the corner store and on the walk home. I thought earlier that hockey does not use women as sex objects like the cheerleaders in football. You might call hockey cleaner because of that although it is certainly a violent sport.

May 12, 2006

I completed reading Cracking the Gender Code

I completed reading this book. It was written by a Canadian Ph.D. student.
Stewart Millar, Melanie. Cracking the Gender Code: Who Rules The Wired World (Toronto, Ont.: Second Story, 1998).
This book critiques the sexist reality of Wired magazine.

May 10, 2006

Fedora core 5

I am just going to burn the 5 CD's for Fedora core 5. I seem to remember Annie Hall the character Diane Keaton played wore a Fedora and started a bit of a fashion trend amongst women I knew at the time of that film Annie Hall. So would gender have an effect on Fedora core 5?

May 7, 2006

I am no longer studying environmental sciences but I did do some green party official unpaid labour in the last 24 hours.

I attended a green party meeting yesterday and today did some cyber organizing for this part of the green party which is the local part here. Don't mind my obtuse English; it effects no one; mind your own.

May 2, 2006

I was able with a little editing to run my old school work in R on a Debian laptop.

I have been working on this laptop for about 6 months now. I first installed Debian 3.0 and got that working but on that install the terminal program, in other words the command line could not do edit menu functions. So I had to install a more recent version of Debian. For this I needed a larger hard drive. I spent about 40 dollars buying a used 6 GB drive which turned out to be a bit wonky so I used a 3.2 GB drive I had taken out of an original iBook. In the last two days I finally installed Debian 3.1 and just last night installed R and tested it out with some R code from a school assignment from last winter 2005. After changing some directory paths to fit linux directory structures, and where I had copied the school course folder too, I was successful running R and getting one graphic. So now I am ready to write my code for my talk on R and can run it in Linux on this pentium 1 laptop and even then project this at a meeting. I am my code.

May 1, 2006

I spent May Day on a picket line.

A sister local is on strike. I was buying bus passes for my wife and I and then went to the picket line. These are cheaper bus passes for those of us with lower incomes and disabilities. So for less money than a regular adult pass which is what I used to pay we get two bus passes. So after buying these passes I went outside in front of a large convention centre where a sister local is walking the line on strike. I talked with them each a bit and carried a sign for about an hour. What prompted this was an email from a company saying an event I was to attend this week at this convention centre would go ahead even with the strike. So I replied to the email saying I would not attend and then decided to attend the picket line.

I was able to forget about cyberspace while I was walking the line. But when I came home I started to install statistics software on my Debian laptop. I was successful and am just starting up R and burning a CD of school work files that include some R code and data from an old data mining course. I am testing this code and if it works I will be presenting a talk on R at a local linux user group may be next month. I will attend this meeting tomorrow to get an idea of how these meetings go. So tonight I have been tinkering with Linux and watching NHL hockey on TV.

Happy May day fellow workers

Have a good May day. I am heading out to a picket line today.