August 19, 2012

Building Mackinaws to raise isk for a pilot's license renewal.

Margarite and a corp mate are building mining barges. The Mackinaw is an ice mining barge that has seen some upgrades recently. Margarite and her corp mate purchased some Retriever blueprint copies and invented some Mackinaw blueprints and are now building the ships. Margarite has built and sold one and has another on the assembly lines. Selling two of these will almost cover Margarite's pilot license renewal this month.

Margarite also bought a Procurer mining barge original bluerprint and invented about five Skiff blueprints with three runs each for a total of 15 Skiffs possible.

August 3, 2012

The first Anshar is built and sold.

Margarite completed building an Anshar and had it sold before it was even into the factory lines. The pilot who bought it made it possible to complete the job which was very expensive with the high fulleride prices. The prices of fullerides are now lower so Margarite is building a lot of Tech II ships as are other corp mates.

May 9, 2012

Margarite is building a Tech II autocannon Hurricane for a Minmatar associate.

A corp mate of Margarite's loaned her a Hurricane battle crusier that she in turn loaned a Minmatar associate. Worried about a possible ship loss Margarite decided to build an exact replica. The Hurricane was easy as the corp mate gave Margarite a Hurricane blueprint copy to build a Hurricane. The guns are another story. Margarite asked her corp mate to fly to Minmatar space to buy two 425mm autocannon original blueprints. One was for the corporation blueprint library and one for Margarite. She then made ten 300 run copies and tried three inventions of Tech II 425mm autocannon blueprints and had two successes. So she now has the potential to build twenty of these guns. She was able to find enough materials to build forty thermonuclear triggers which is enough for four of the guns. Although she is researching the material efficency of the 425mm original so as to make the manufacture of the base Tech I guns needed for the Tech II guns more efficient, she is instead going to just purchase four Tech I guns to finish making four Tech II guns. This may be enough guns for for Hurricane for now and she can wait to make more and then sell all the extras.

December 11, 2011

40 jumps to to get cheaper mechnical parts

Margarite often finds herself travelling through many systems and jumping many gates just to get cheaper supplies for industry. Items are not always cheapest in Jita.

November 30, 2011

Margarite Liberte is purchasing four new battlecrusier blueprints on the market..

These blueprints will go right into research so as to get a better result meaning these will be built with fewer minerals.

November 13, 2011

Margarite is building two Anshar jump freighters as her first Tech II capitals project

A fellow corp mate donated a 2 run Anshar jump freighter blueprint with a material efficency of -2 to the corp. In exchange for this blueprint and all the armor needed for both of them, Margarite will build one for the corp mate and build one for the corp to sell. So far she has built the base Obelisk freighter for one jump frieghter and some of the T2 capital parts. She almost has enough capital microprocessors built for one ship. Of all the other parts she has less than a fifth of each built. She did just complete building all the capital jump drives needed for one ship.

July 30, 2011

Margarite has a few building plans for today and from yesterday and on going.

Margarite spent some time waiting for ship modules she made to sell so she could buy some remaining minerals to build a Drake for a Caldari pilot in her corporation named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Jessica was fiiting a Drake with Tech I level fitings and completing missions with an old friend of Margarites'. Of course, Jessica has the skills to fly a Tech II fitted Drake so Margarite is making her a new Drake which is now done. The fitting are still to be built or bought. Margarite is keen on building all the ship fitting such as heavy missile launchers and various shield modifications that are recommended for a Tech II fitted Drake instead of Jessica buying them. So this is one project Margarite is working on.

Margarite is also being asked to build 4 Noctis ships and is working on 1 of her own too. So this is 5 Noctis. These will all be outfitted with Salvage Tackle 1 medium rigs. Margarite has 2 of the 3 rigs needed for her own Noctis and Jessica will be delivering some mission salvage to Margarite that hopefully allows the 3rd rig to be built.

Margarite is still working on building a Obelisk freighter. She also picked up an Orca blueprint copy and flys a corporation owned Orca quite regularly for buying and transporting materials for industrial production.

Another plan which is really just a part of regular corporation production includes building 4 Falcons, 1 Onyx, 1 Curse and 1 Pilgrim. Other corporation ship building includes 4 Taranis and 3 Anathema. These frigates are built, what is lacking are the fittings for these before they are shipped to 0.0 for use by other corporation pilots.

Margarite also has plans to outfit her own Sin, an Eris, and finish the modifcations for her own Taranis. This Taranis is to be remembered as the ship fitting that inspired Margarite to start to build the fittings for ships, as well as, the ships. Also in terms of her own ships she wants to try to invent another Occator and has always failed trying to invent these. Later today she will try again to invent an Occator blueprint copy when she has finished another large batch of Tech II ammo blueprints. She has only so many invention jobs she can work on at one time and the ammo invention takes only 37 minutes at a try.

Another ship invention and build project is for one of her factory workers. This Minmatar pilot has 1 Mastodon built by Margarite. Margarite is working to invent some medium cargohold optimization II rigs for this ship. She has invented the Tech II rig blueprints for these and this was her first rig invention success. The materials needed to build these rigs are very expensive, so they are also waiting to be built. Margarite would also like to built this factory worker a 2nd Mastodon and also 2 Prowlers. The worker pilot also has to train more to use the proper shields for these ships and the cloaking devices for the Prowlers.

May 10, 2011

Margarite is relaxing with a smoothly running ammo production operation.

The production of tech II ammo continues with from 3 to 7 pilots regulary working in labs and ammo arrays. The production of tech II ammo is non stop. Margarite generally spends her time buying the minerals and moon materials need to make the ammo and hauling these to the arrays. The other pilots generally have to only start jobs although a variety of pilots do a variety of jobs. Generally everyone is paid wages for this too. Recently the advant of successful planet based extraction technologies has allowed some corp members to supply constant supplies of rocket fuel to the production cycle. The corporation through Margarite have rewarded these pilots for the steady and volumious supply.

March 28, 2011

Margarite did, in fact, succeed in inventing two Black Ops battleship blueprints out of four attempts.

Margarite is only three days away from having all four race encryption and starship engineering skills trained to level V. Years ago she had volunteered as her corporation's Amarr engineer and had eventually trained both Amarr skills to V. This took months because she trained other skills too. She managed quite quickly to pick up the other race skills except for Minmatar encryption which is only three days from completion of training to level V

This prologue is only a hint that her perfect skills made the chances of succeeding at this invention of Tech II battleships that much more likely. She used two decryptors and one succeeded yielding a -2 material efficiency blueprint meaning much less materials are needed to construct the ship. The other success was from one of the two invention attempts without decryptors and this of course yielded a -4 material efficiency blueprint that will cost more in material amounts to build the ship.

She has built all the parts for the first ship now except for the microprocessors. She will not be building the microprocessors soon, as the price of one of the materials for these microprocessors, namely the nanotransistors, is much too high on the market now. In all, the nanotransistors on Tech II ships are the most expensive material and definitely affect the cost of building more than other materials. So she waits for the price to fall on nanotransistors.

March 24, 2011

Margerite is now trying to invent Black Ops battleship class Tech II ships.

The chances of successfully inventing a Tech II battleship start around 20%. Margarite can get this up to the mid 20's range with skills and decryptors. She is trying to invent some Widow black op ships for corp mates and also a Sin Gallente black op ship for herself.

January 8, 2011

Margarite took some profits from the corp's successful ammo production work

Margarite had been working like a dog, a flying gate jumping dog, supplying the corporation with the materials for building ammo. Her long voyages of 60 plus jumps to find cheap rocket fuel or to buy new ammo blueprints like Depleted Uranium in Minmatar space where these blueprints are cheapest have started to pay off. The other corp mates use alts or jump clones to jump back out of 0.0 to clones in high security space to join the building efforts. We have other builders simply manufacturing ten jobs at a time of tech II ammo. A few other pilots help with other tasks like invention and supply. Mostly Margarite manages this whole operation so today paid herself some wages. She procured from the corp ship stocks two Basilisk Logistics class ships for her young Caldari combat protoge. She in fact, built these ships last month almost single handedly. Ships just are not profitable to make for sale. Making ships though still does save money on buying them. I hope that makes sense. The Eve market is a strange beast.

November 18, 2010

Margarite is supplying her corp 0.0 fighters with ships these days.

Profits from ammo making continue to roll in. It is a tricky market and barrage ammo is selling too cheap right now in Jita. Void should be a good long term alternative. Profits are being used to pay the builders wages and also to fund the making of tech II ships like interdictors and logistics.

Margarite is helping a young pilot with her training as this young pilot hopes to move out to more combat in 0.0 space and fight for the corp. The pilot she is sponsoring is named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Margarite is building her ships of all kinds and hopes to supply her with two of each Caldari ship. So far she has made her two of each Tech 1 frigate and is about half way through supplying her with two of each Tech I crusier. So far Jessica can fly only a Buzzard in terms of Tech II ships. So Tech II ships will wait for awhile.

September 24, 2010

Margarite has settled into Empire industry manager for her corporation.

Margarite has been managing her corporations Empire industry operations for about 6 months now. She looks after fueling the player owned station and buying materials for making ammo and ships. She also invents the tech II ammo and ship blue prints. Her invention skills for Caldari objects are both maxed out at V and her Amarr starship skill is also maxed out at V. Her Gallente starship and encryption skills are both at IV and she will be training these to V. Her only weakness is Minmatar invention.

May 14, 2010

Margarite's life these days

Margarite had a neural remap so she could better learn science. She is not into boosters so this was an alternative and more permanent. She has the ability now to make more stuff and research more stuff. She has started to make tech 2 ammo non stop. She is also researching Gallente ship component blue prints now. Tech II ships though are far from profitable these days. Margarite is not always looking to profit.

April 1, 2010

The goal a Gallente freighter only building and mining allowed.

Margarite set some limits for her goal to have and fly a freighter. She started with only 1 million ISK. At first she did not mine she only bought minerals made tractor beams and sold them. She started to increase her wealth. She then decided to mine as well. She reached the first goal of buying the skill book for Gallente freighters and trained it to level II. She then just yesterday bought an Obelisk blueprint. An Obelisk is a Gallente freighter. She now will mine and build parts and also buy and sell more tractor beams. These days she lives and does her work in a factory near Jita the central trade system.

March 3, 2010

Margarite sold the Orca she built.

Margarite sold the Orca she built and bought a friend a Pilot's License Extension. She had 80 million in change after this and proceeded to build more tractor beams.

February 12, 2010

The Orca is almost done now.

Margarite has been mostly busy with her alt mining the past two months. She has now built almost all the parts for the Orca. She may have to buy about 12 or 16 more parts or find blueprint copies for these, mine some more and build these. Today she mined mostly scorderite and was able to build 8 different parts.

Her alt flew an Orca a corpporation mate owned. Margarite also set up a new corporation player owned station in a new home system.

February 7, 2010

Margarite's spreadsheet for Gallente Tech II ships.

This spreadsheet allows one to budget and estimate profit for building Gallenete Tech II ships. It is generic and you fill in the green market prices and purple number of ships you want to make. Here is the link Gallente Tech II profit spreadsheet

January 9, 2010

Building an Orca

Margarite bought for 40 million isk an Orca blueprint with an Manufacturing Efficiency (ME) of 3. Her corp has some of the blueprints needed to build the capital parts for the Orca. Margarite bought herself the skill book for capital ship construction and started to build capital cargo bays yesterday. She still must build 24 more of these cargo bays. She started one run of capital construction parts and will need 13 more runs of capital construction parts. Other than this she will have to be buying parts for this Orca. This ship, the Orca is for her alt.

November 15, 2009

A corp member bought a Megathron Gallente Battleship blueprint and has given Margarite a copy of the blueprint today.

Margarite depends on the gifts sometimes from corporation members. Today one member who owns a Megathron battleship blueprint worth about one billion ISK gave Margarite a copy of this blueprint. She will build a Megathron now and sell it. Battleships need a lot of minerals to build. She mined for about one hour to get tritanium and pyerite and will need to mine plagioclase ore for another three hours to get enough mexallon and even more pyerite and trianium. Other minerals that she can not mine are going to cost approximately 25 million ISK. She should then be able to build this Megathron battleship in under five hours and sell it for 72 million ISK.

Margarite has been making Tech II ships and tractor beams and some Tech I ammo.

Building Tech II ships is becoming a habit for Margarite. She spends her income buying the moon materials needed to build the ship components for these Tech II ships. She has had some bad luck inventing lately but is ok with inventing the Ishkurs as these require only four datacores. At the moment she has 4 inventions jobs running to try to invent Oneiros ships again.

She is also building some 40 tractor beams.

This is all personal building compared to corporate building where she is working with others to make Tech II ammo.

September 5, 2009

Margarite was successful at invention.

Margarite did invent two Occators and one Viator and still has the Oneiros blueprint.

August 31, 2009

Tech II building plans.

Right now Margarite has eight invention jobs running. With these she hopes to invent Occators and Viators.

Sales of four of these will pay for a PLEX. PLEX prices are reportedly at an all time low around 297 million ISK or even 270 million ISK. Margarite has to pay for a license for an alt character. She has about 28 days to raise the 300 million ISK and has 50 million ISK now.

After this she plans to attempt 16 more inventions of Viators, Occators and Oneiros ships. She will attempt 3 more occators, 5 more Viators and 8 Oneiros. Hopefully she will get four more BP's from this and be able to make another 300 million ISK.

The 600 million total will not all be profit so she need to continue to make ammo for her corp wages and and run missions and mine to support the costs of building these ships. Profits are only about 10 million per ship. She will also continue her tractor beams production and is, in fact, making some 40 tractor beams today and the sale of these will support the making of the tech II ships.

August 30, 2009

Viator success.

It took four inventions and two times 32 datacores ( 32 mechanical engineering and 32 Gallente Starship) and then Margarite was able to invented one Viator BP. Then she made the ship and sold it for 74 million ISK resulting in 10 million ISK profit.

August 23, 2009

Margarite is building one Oneiros now and is trying to invent a Viator blueprint.

Margarite started the manufacturing for one Oneiros now. She also has some of the components for a second Oneiros now. She also started two invention jobs for a Viator blueprint.

August 21, 2009

Margarite is focusing on her first Tech II ship build outside the corp production system.

Margarite is focusing on her first Tech II ship build. She has of course been inventing blue prints for ammo regularly now. She has been building components for ships too. She needs to train cruiser construction to level IV to really start building Tech II ships for the corp. But this is all corp production where much of the materials and blueprints and labs are provided by the corp. At the moment she is trying to build, on her own, two Oneiros. She is using blueprints from the corp supply but providing all the materials on her own. She is close to having almost half of the components made now for the first Oneiros. She will focus on this and then try to invent some Viators and Occators.

August 16, 2009

Margarite left the corp rocket fuel purchase some 29 jumps behind.

Margarite was shopping for the corp the other day. She was also in Jita buying the first moon materials for building the two Oneiros ships. She forgot to load the rocket fuel she bought. So she is flying back there this morning to pick up the rocket fuel. She will also clean out a station she is not using anymore and move the items back to one of her home bases.

August 9, 2009

Margarite invented two Tech II Gallente Logistic ships blueprints.

Margarite was able to invent two Oneiros ships blueprints which are for building Tech II versions of the Exequror cruiser. She now needs to source the materials to build this Tech II ship. She needed 80 datacores to do this invention. She only had five invention runs but was lucky and got exactly the two blueprints she needed. One for her and one for a friend.

August 8, 2009

The corp industry wages were paid this week, finally!

Margarite had 350 million isk when she set out today. This was in a large part wages from her building Tech II ships for the corp. This building program has become less profitable for the corp though, so wages were delayed. She has just joined the Tech II building crew in the past few months, and is doing even more industry tasks for the corp these past few days.

Maragrite has already spent 150 million of this isk to get enough minerals together to build 300 tractor beams. But she does not yet have enough mexallon or isogen. She has been trying to mine mexallon to make up for high mexallon prices. But today even though she set out to mine mexallon she is mining isogen. Isogen is cheap right now too, so this is not the best thing to mine right now. She needs about 800,000 units of isogen and has mined about 100,000 units so far. She has a huge supply of tritanium and pyerite from previous friendly miners selling her these minerals in abundance. The first things she bought today was enough nocxium and then she made a deal with a 0.0 miner from a former alliance and was able to get some large contracts for megacyte which has risen in price these past few months. This meant, she was able to pay some lower prices for megacyte and now has a huge supply, with enough now for about 600 or more tractor beams after she makes the planned 300. She had already bought enough megacyte for the 300 tractor beams yesterday. So all this extra megacyte was not needed yet. Rather she is planning on future building.

She has already made 32 of the 300 so has about 268 to still make .

June 16, 2009

Margarite built 23 Core Defence Field Purgers I's yesterday for another corp member.

The deal she offers for building is for the other corp member to provide the materials and then she builds the stuff for free. Usually the other players offers her something for this. With the Core Defence Field Purgers I's she was given three of them as payment. She now needs to figure out what ship to put these on.

She is building tractor beams as usual. She needs to start another round of minerals buying so she should probably make a trip to Jita for rare minerals.

She is also buying materials for tech II ship components so she can build a Vargur by Christmas when she will have all the skills needed to fly the current two or three most popular Vargur fits at Battle Clinic.

May 27, 2009

Margarite built her first tech II ships this past weekend and also built a Maelstrom.

Margarite had bought a Maelstrom Minmatar battleship blue print copy and finally this past weekend had enough minerals to build it. It took two trips to Jita to buy megacyte and zydrine. But she can not yet fly this ship and is presently training the secondary learning skill Focus to level V so when she gets these wild ship ideas she can train for them faster. Each level of Focus increases Will Power by 1 point and Will Power is an attribute that has an effect on spaceship skill training.

Margarite also made some tech II Amarr frigates and her corp will sell them for her. She is a production officer in her corporation's industry program.

May 12, 2009

In preparation for building her first tech II ships Marg has made enough Tech I ships.

Tech II ships are better more powerful versions of tech I ships. Two parts of the tech I ship production are needed to build tech II ships. For one you need to take a tech I version of a ship's blueprint and then you must "invent" a tech II blueprint copy.This copy only produces one run and thus only one tech II ship. You do this invention using some datacores specific to that blueprint such as Amarr Starship Engineering Datacores and Mechanical Engineering Datacores. You also need an Amarr Starship Encruption Device. Then you need the skills of Amarr Starship Engineering and Amarr Encryption. The last requirement is a lab from where to invent the blueprint copy. Marg's corporation provides her with these needed items. The invention is started with copies of the tech I blueprint. After you have the tech II blueprint, the second needed part of a tech I ship manufacture is that you need a Tech I ship. You also then need tech II ships components and some more minerals.

Today Marg focused on building enough tech I Amarr ships for all the tech II blue prints she has invented in the last month or so. The day before this she bought Amarr specific ship component blueprints so she can build the components for these tech II ships.

April 11, 2009

Margarite invented two tech II Amarr ship blueprints last week.

She tried about 8 inventions jobs and finally produced two blueprint copies for the tech II version of the Amarr frigate the Magnate. Now she is slowly making the parts of these ships. She is also now thinking more and more that she must really experience the Amarr ships by becoming skilled at flying a Amarr ships. She scouted some Amarr systems and settled down in one system. There are mission agents she can access in these high sec systems. She bought a Amarr frigate and will try a few Amarr missions soon.

Invention success was 100% today for Void M

Margarite was able to invent Void M ammo blue print copies. These are a tech II ammo created from Anti-Matter tech 1 blue print copies. Before today Margarite needed other corp mates to invent these blue prints So she is picking up some slack.

Margarite Liberte was able to make enough stuff to buy a pilot license extension

Making mostly tractor beams Margarite raised 310 million ISK and bought a pilot license extension. This is the most isk she has ever had and the largest purchase she has made to date.

February 26, 2009

Margarite had her first succesful invention today

Margarite has been focusing on building in the last week. She has chosen to be an Amarr ship builder. She was also tasked with making ammo the past couple of months. This past week she trained Electomagnetic Physics and Plasma Physics and these are now at level 3. This helps her make ammo, that is tech II ammo and also will help her with ship building. Of course, she is talking about building tech II ships so she must also invent the tech II blueprints. She will not be ready to do the inventions for another 27 days but she has been skilled enough to invent tech II Hobgoblin drones for a few months now. Her first attempt failed with only one blueprint copy used as she attempted invention. Today, she tried two blueprints for two invention jobs and her first was successful giving her the first success with invention in her career. Ths second invention job will finish later today. So now she will try to make these tech II Hobgoblin drones and sell them.

December 15, 2008

Margarite survived undercutting of her tractor beam sales.

Margarite was being undercut locally in her tractor beam sales. Learning to cope with his taught her more about markets. She was able in her last big production run to make 100 tractor beams and sell them all. She spent a lot on outfitting her new PVP ships and she also bought a few skill books. At present she is back on step 2 for her business plan. But she has misjudged the step starting from 20 million ISK and trying to make 40 million. After spending the 20 million on minerals she is still short minerals. She decided to make 8 tractor beams last night and set them for sale this morning.This way she can buy more minerals. She hopes this will produce 32 million ISK to buy her Viator and she will need to move fast to get her next ship after that the other transport the Occator. So far the goal of buying the transports skill book has been achived.

December 13, 2008

Margarite made 80 tractor beams and sold most of them.

One of Margarite's production managers loaned her 50 million ISK and she bought minerals to make 100 tractor beams. She was short isogen and mexallion but was able so far to make 80 tractor beams and pay back 40 million ISK. She got most of the tritanium and pyerite from mining with her corp mates a week or so ago. She needed to deliver some tractor beams and fill buy orders at a lower price to make her sales. She is under some undercutting pressure in her home system so has had to cut her asking prices.

November 22, 2008

Margarite did not manage to make 60 tractor beams yet.

Margarite did complete step one in her business plan. She was able to turn 15 million ISK into 25 million. But making 40 tractor beams took her a while and she needed to borrow from her corp to make the 40. These are still not all sold but 40 were made. So Step two is still not completed. She has been able to start step 3 and has built about 35 of the 60 tractor beams. She also has all of the 35 for sale or sold. But she will not be able to make the jump to 100 tractor beams so step 4 may not happen. In fact, her plan now is to pay for an Ishkur her corp is building for her. This new attack frigate should be ready today. Her next ship will be a Keres. She is also now flying her Helios but it is not yet outfitted.

November 11, 2008

The growth plan step one was started and now the plan is being adjusted after conferring with other senior corp members.

Margarite completed the first part of step one in her business plan and it worked. She was able with 15 million ISK to buy enough minerals to make 25 small tractor beams. She set these for sale on Monday and had sold two of them by the time the system came off line for the new expansion. The fact that she has to sell these Small Tractor Beams at each step will basically control the speed of execution of her business plan. Until these first 25 tractor beams are sold she can not move on to the next step, step two.

Margarite told another corp member her plan and he told her that the corp has no need for Obelisks and Jump Freighters. So she has changed step six in the plan. Here is the current first seven steps. This plan, if it works through the first seven steps will be continued with the goal of buying and flying a carrier ship. Of course, she will adjust the plan after crunching carriers with Eve Monitor.

  1. Buy enough minerals to make 25 tractor beams and sell these for 25 million ISK
  2. Buy enough minerals to make 40 tractor beams and sell these for 40 million ISK
  3. Buy enough minerals to make 70 tractor beams and sell these for 70 million ISK
  4. Buy enough minerals to make 130 tractor beams and sell these for 130 million ISK
  5. Buy enough minerals to make 200 tractor beams and sell these for 200 million ISK
  6. Buy the skill book for flying transports and buy two ships one Occator and one Viator.
  7. Start again.

October 18, 2008

Margarite has build twenty Small Tractor Beams so far this weekend

Margarite is still building Small Tractor Beams. This weekend she has made twenty of them and will try to make ten more before the weekend is up and then buy the skill book Recon Ships.

October 13, 2008

Margarite now makes Small Tractor Beam I's for a profit and they sell well. She is also still learning about Tech II manufacturing.

A mate in the corp had suggested a set up for a Catalyst for salvaging. This includes about four Small Tractor Beam I's. Margarite does have one Catalyst set up this way with also three Salvager I's. She also has a railgun on this ship. She made a second catalyst and was going to try outfitting it with all 150 mm railgun I's but then took them all off and set up a second salvaging Catalyst.

She now plans to use these extra 150 mm railguns to make Tech II rails guns. This may end up being her first Tech II manufacturing project but she will need a Caldari engineering skill book for this.

She will need a third Catalyst for the base ship to make an Eris. Another corp mate is going to make the Eris for her and she has been buying the components for this over the past three weeks. The other corp mate has already invented the blueprint for her including supplying the parts for the invention. This past week Margarite contracted with this fellow to make some components namely 125 Ion Thrusters. Making the Eris is a long term plan and the Eris does not seem a popular ship and also it would be cheaper to just buy one.

Of course, one of her philosophies is to be able to make what she flies. So she bought, a few months ago the Small Tractor Beam I blueprint. These Tractor Beams sell for about one million ISK each which was another reason to make her own; tractor beams are expensive. It turns out to be cheaper to make them than buy them. Recently she has been making these almost exclusively. She even buys the Isogen and Mexallion when needed to make tractor beams rather than mine these minerals. Of course, she needs to still buy Nocxium, Megacyte, and Zydrine as well. But she comes out ahead by about 50%. So she has been funding her progress and programs in Eve lately by making Small Tractor Beam I's.