March 28, 2011

Margarite did, in fact, succeed in inventing two Black Ops battleship blueprints out of four attempts.

Margarite is only three days away from having all four race encryption and starship engineering skills trained to level V. Years ago she had volunteered as her corporation's Amarr engineer and had eventually trained both Amarr skills to V. This took months because she trained other skills too. She managed quite quickly to pick up the other race skills except for Minmatar encryption which is only three days from completion of training to level V

This prologue is only a hint that her perfect skills made the chances of succeeding at this invention of Tech II battleships that much more likely. She used two decryptors and one succeeded yielding a -2 material efficiency blueprint meaning much less materials are needed to construct the ship. The other success was from one of the two invention attempts without decryptors and this of course yielded a -4 material efficiency blueprint that will cost more in material amounts to build the ship.

She has built all the parts for the first ship now except for the microprocessors. She will not be building the microprocessors soon, as the price of one of the materials for these microprocessors, namely the nanotransistors, is much too high on the market now. In all, the nanotransistors on Tech II ships are the most expensive material and definitely affect the cost of building more than other materials. So she waits for the price to fall on nanotransistors.

March 24, 2011

Margerite is now trying to invent Black Ops battleship class Tech II ships.

The chances of successfully inventing a Tech II battleship start around 20%. Margarite can get this up to the mid 20's range with skills and decryptors. She is trying to invent some Widow black op ships for corp mates and also a Sin Gallente black op ship for herself.

September 24, 2010

Margarite has settled into Empire industry manager for her corporation.

Margarite has been managing her corporations Empire industry operations for about 6 months now. She looks after fueling the player owned station and buying materials for making ammo and ships. She also invents the tech II ammo and ship blue prints. Her invention skills for Caldari objects are both maxed out at V and her Amarr starship skill is also maxed out at V. Her Gallente starship and encryption skills are both at IV and she will be training these to V. Her only weakness is Minmatar invention.

August 31, 2009

The normalization of skills is looking much better.

Margarite has now the same number of level II skills as level IV. She has 43 of both. At level III she has 94 skills and at level V 29 skills. She has zero level 1 skills.

August 21, 2009

Margarite has now trainged all her learning skills to level V except presence.

It took her a large amount of time but Margarite has now trained all her learning skills to level V except for one skill that of presence.

June 29, 2009

Margarite will have all her learning skills at level V and cybernetics at level V by mid August.

Maragrite is training only her learning skills now. She sometimes trains another skill along with this if it takes less than a day like today training supply chain management to level III. All of her learning skills will be at level V by early August and her cybernetics will be trained to level V after that. Then she will buy 5 +5 implants to raise her attributes as high as they can go.

June 22, 2009

The normalization of skills continues. Margarite has more than 16,000,000 skill points now

Below is the present distribution of Margarite's skills. As you can see she only needs now to train 8 skills from level 2 to level 3 and level 2 will equal level 4. This is a goal.

  • Skills at Level 1: 2
  • Skills at Level 2: 48
  • Skills at Level 3: 89
  • Skills at Level 4: 39
  • Skills at Level 5: 25

May 27, 2009

Margarite has trained Mass Production and Laboratory Operation to level V now.

First she was required by her corp to train Production Efficiency to level V then various science skills so she could become and effective tech II ship builder. She is also a corporation ammo builder. She further on her own initiative trained Mass Production to level V and Advanced Mass Production to level III. She recently completed training Laboratory Operation to level V and then Advanced Laboratory Operation to level III.

May 11, 2009

Margarite is now focusing on industry skills

Margarite has finally trained Mass Production to level V and bought Advanced Mass Production and trained this to level 2. This gives her three more production slots for manufacturing. Manufacturing is how she makes all her isk or in game currency. She has also now trained Frigate Construction to Level IV and started training Crusier Construction and this will be at Level III in about 11 hours from now.

March 22, 2009

The normalization of skills continue.

The number of Margarites' skills at level 3 are now higher than the number at level 2 so she is getting there. This was mostly possible thanks to the new Training Que feature in the game.

Here are Marg's present skills by level and counts

  • Skills at Level 1: 4
  • Skills at Level 2: 61
  • Skills at Level 3: 69
  • Skills at Level 4: 33
  • Skills at Level 5: 20

February 22, 2009

Building skill have been a recent focus.

Margarite now has Tech II ship building skills for Gallente, Caldari and Amarr Tech II ships. At the moment she is focusing on Amar skills and has both Amar Encryption methods and Amarr Starship Engineering at level 3. These still must move to level 4. That will take about four days each or eights days for both.

She has also now trained Production Efficiency to within two and a half days of level 5.

January 29, 2009

Margarite is continuing to normalise her skills

Continuing to normalize the skill levels for all her skills Mararite is a bit adrift in skill training. The end reslt should be good though but will be more general than focused. She has this set of skill levels at the moment.

  • Skills at Level 1: 15
  • Skills at Level 2: 61
  • Skills at Level 3: 52
  • Skills at Level 4: 27
  • Skills at Level 5: 18

She still must get level 2 to equal level 4. So she needs to get move 34 level 2 skills to level 3 and has room for three new skills at level 1.

Since her post of december 29th, or about year end, about this normalization she has actually moved one skill to level 5(spatial awareness), three skills to level 4, 22 skills from level 2 to level 3 and 20 skills from level 1 to level 2. And finally she has trained ten new skills to level 1.

January 4, 2009

Normalisation of skills continues

Margarite is still trying to bring her low level skills up to the middle that is level 3. She has 19 skills at level 1, 60 skills at level 2, 44 skills at level 3, 26 skills at level 4 and still 17 skills at level 5. So 2 level 1 skills must move to level 3 taking about one to seven hours each to reach level 2 and then seven to nineteen hours each to reach level 3. Now she has presently 34 skills to be trained to level 3 plus the two first level skills also needing to be trained to level 3. This means 36 skills need to be trained, at worst for nineteen hours each, but this training many actually take seven, nine, eleven, fourteen, or seventeen hours for each skill. The two level 1 skills to level 2 may take a few hours say half a day at worst and then the 36 skills times nineteen hours at worst would be six hundred and eighty four hours or about twenty nine days to acheive this goal.

December 29, 2008

Margarite has three new skill books since yesterday

Margarite now has Supply Chain Management and has it trained to level 2. She attempted one remote production job but lacked minerals.

She also trained the new skill book Caldari Encryption Methods to level 1. This is good for inventing Tech II rail guns. She is learning to use Tech II guns and also medium guns now. She has not done much training of guns or even missiles.

She also now has a Heavy Drone Operation skill book and has trained this as well today.

And she continued normalizing the skill levels for all her skills. She has 25 skills at level 1, 59 skills at level 2, 38 skills at level 3, 25 skills at level 4 and still 17 skills at level 5. So 8 level 1 skills must move to level 3 taking about one to three hours each to reach level 2 and then seven to nineteen hours each to reach level 3. So the outside total time for this would be 216 hours or about nine days. Then training the desired 59 - 25 skills or 34 skills at level 2 to level 3 will also take seven to nineteen hours each. Thus the outside time for this would be about 646 hours or about 27 days. So the whole normalizing plan could take more than one month.

December 28, 2008

Margarite is training her level 2 skills to level 3 for a more normal distribution of skill levels.

Margarite has about 60 skills at level 2 and about 25 skills at level 4. She would like to train 35 of the level 2 skills to level 3 and have an equal number of skills at level 2 and 4 and have the bulk of skills at level 3. She has 17 skills at level 5 and 25 skills at level 1. She will also train 8 of the level 1 skills to level 3 so that both level 1 and 5 match with 17 skills. This may take a week or two.

December 15, 2008

Margarite has a multiple of skills with 4 days and less to train.

Margarite still needs 23 days to reach Cruiser level 5 and she has less than 15 days to Production Efficency level 5. For Research level 5 she is about 5 days off. For Senor Linking level 4 she is 2 days and three hours from completion. For Cloaking level 4 which will allow her to use advanced Tech II cloaking she is 4 days off. She has ony two learning skills remaining at level 3 all the rest are levels 4 or 5. She has also started training Rocket Science and needs Caldari Encryption Engineering Methods still to start to invent Tech II missile blueprints. With this skill book she can also invent Tech II rail gun blueprints.

November 29, 2008

Margarite has two more skills trained to level 5 now.

This evening Margarite finished training Drones to level 5. She has four drone skill books ready to train now but she can only train three of these right away. These are Drone Interfacing which she bought tonight, Gallente Drone Specialization and Minmatar Drone Specialization. Both of which she had purchased a while ago. She also bought Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing but she still needs to training Electronic Warfare higher before she can train this Drone skill.

A few weeks ago weeks ago she finished training Frigates to level 5. This lead to her buying an Ishkur and Keres. For the Keres she needed to buy Electronic Attack Ships, which she trained to level 1.

She also just bought and is presently training to level 1 the Missile skill Target Navigation Prediction.

October 18, 2008

Margarite has Iron Will almost trained to level 5 now.

This will be the third skill trained to level 5 in the learning skills. Training these skills greatly improves the training time for other skills. This is why she is training these skills now.

September 14, 2008

The more expensive skill books continue to be bought and cheap ones too. 9 skills are at maxed out level V now.

Margarite has now learned nine skills to level 5. She still needs to get her Frigate and Cruiser flying skills up and the construction skills for both of these ships too. She also needs to get electronics and gunnery up to level 5 those are some of her major training goals at the moment.

In minor training she is training a variety of skills in a variety of plans. Mostly she is training around the rail gun specialisation for weapons and she has the skills book for this but can not train it yet. She also bought a trajectory skill book and continues to training her targeting and related skills. She has sharpshooter now at level 3.

Otherwise her training is in industry and science skills and she has bought a few new skills like electrical engineering, and scientific networking. She is now trained to production efficiency level 4 and needs to get to level 5 still.

She can train omber processing now and also has trained her social and trade skills. She trained her social skills to access a certain agent for level 1 missions. Her contracting skill has been trained up a bit too. Her refining skill is now at level 5.

This weekend also saw her buying her first implants and she has two beta implants one for plus 2 memory and one for plus 2 perception.

September 3, 2008

Her best friend in Eve bought Margarite some skill books

Margarite was looking for a hobgoblin II blueprint and was told she would have to invent this. So she discovered invention and this is how tech II blueprints are come by. She did buy the Catalyst blueprint and was looking at inventing this blueprint which would produce an Eris ship blueprint and that is the tech II Catalyst. She though needed at least three skills. Namely Gallente Encryption Methods, Gallente Starship Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. These would cost 23 million ISK and her corp mate loaned her the money when asked with only a promise that Margarite would then make her one of these Eris ships.

At about this same time her corp members had decided to all join another corp which has many more pilots and is more advanced with some PVP, some mining and some building. So all in all Margarite now has the chance to do some fairly heavy building.

She is almost finished training one learning skill to level V and that is Analytical Mind. This skill was the most often suggested learning skill in Eve monitor that would help the learning of new skills speed up. Later today she will finally have this skill at level V. She also has now bought the learning skill Presence which is a sometimes but rarely suggested skill by Eve Monitor. But she can not yet start training this skill. At the moment she is training Gallente Starship Engineering to level 1 then she will finish off the training of Analytical Mind which has about 14 hrs left to train.

August 3, 2008

Present habits with skills training include using Eve monitor plans and also filling up skill areas with all possible and affordable skills to level two.

With Eve Monitor, Margarite has a one year plan for about 5 ships. She needs at least 137 days until she can fly a Hulk. She also has plans for a tech II cruiser and some advanced other ships. All together and including better manufacturing skills and better processing skills that will be a one year plan. It will cost less than 200 million for all the skill books. The most expensive skill costs 64 million. Then the ships must be bought.

She now has started at the bottom of the skills list to fill up trade and social. These are better than half filled now with owned skill books. She also has a fair amount of mechanic and industry skill books bought now. And her science skills are coming along. She has 31 science skills in total to buy and many of these are costing 10 million each which she can just not afford yet.

Here, in fact, are the skill book ownership statistics today.

Corporate Management
3 of 3 skills owned!
4 of 4 skills owned!
12 of 12 skills owned!
11 of 11 skills owned!
11 of 11 skills owned!
9 of 13 skills owned.
4 of 6 skills owned.
9 of 9 skills owned!
12 of 14 skills owned.
Missile Launcher Operation
1 of 3 skills owned.
5 of 6 skills owned.
11 of 31 skills owned.
5 of 9 skills owned.
Space Ship Command
9 of 15 skills owned.
4 of 5 skills owned.

There that is the whole list for today. If you add it all up, she is missing 22 skill books from the present possible total. She has outside of these a handful of skill books owned that can not be trained just yet and are part of her plans. These extra skill books are her first books for outfitting a ship in the plans. These are, in fact, skills needed to fly the Helios well. Other players have been teaching her this about ships and training.

July 27, 2008

Margarite signed off for about 30 days and trained Industrial ships to level V and now flies an Iteron Mark V sometimes.

Margarite has flown an Iteron Mark V now and is also trained Industry to level V. By signing off for one month she could still train skills. She has since bought most of her engineering skills and has all her electronics skills. She has all her present learning skills including now having earned and bought focus but can not train that yet. She also has many mechanic skills and most of her leadership skills have also been bought and trained to level 1. She did that just today. She still does not have mining foreman but has all sorts of leadership warfare skills now.

June 6, 2008

Margarite earned 4.5 million and bought the logic skill book.

At the time of the last blog entry Margarite did, in fact, earn 1.5 million ISK and buy the logic skill book. She also sold 30 Navitas for 40 K ISK each and was right back up to 1 million ISK before logging off. This morning she has bought a few of the 30 science skills she can buy. She made sure to buy Astrogeology and also bought Mining Barge. She is getting ready to use a Retriever some day. She has also been studying the Mining FAQ at the Eve wiki. She now must buy the Clarity skill book for another 4.5 million ISK.