July 13, 2009

Land sales successful.

Peter Krogstad bought land near his house and then resold it for a slight profit. He managed to take advantage of the recent downturn in the economy which affected land prices in Second Life. In fact, he is continuing to find some good deals on land. For now he is also affected by rent costs meaning he is not over all making any profit and the land sales remain a hobby.

 He does enjoy exploriing land for sale in certain regions.

December 20, 2008

Peter bought some land by a beach in McIntyre.

Peter bought a 1040 sq m lot in McIntyre with a beach front. This cost about 110$ CND.

He set up his old beach house and put in the cubes, stairs and rails and a couple of desks and the second floor board table and two chairs. This almost maxed out the prims on this lot.

He is now selling a 1024 lot and a 512 lot along the cliff in Monty. If this is successful he can once again go back down to the 15$ a month tier for rental fees paid to Linden Labs. He also abandoned two small lots in Hughes.

December 15, 2008

Land prices are going way down in Second Life.

Land prices are going way down in Second Life. The thought of buying land these days seems more like an investment decision or speculation on the virutal land sales market.

July 27, 2008

Peter Krogstad is finally down one tier for a whole month

Peter Krogstad sold land successfully and did not buy a lot more so he is back down to the fifteen dollars a month land tier. Yesterday Peter sold 64 sq m off that and that sale will cover his tier fee this month. He may move to a winter sim and has a small parcel started in a winter sim with only a snow covered pine tree on it now.

May 30, 2008

Peter Krogstad sold two 512 sq m parcels as he tries again to go down one tier in rent

Peter Krogstad successfully sold two parcels of land in Monty.

January 13, 2008

The whole land swap was motivated by trying to buy a coffin somewhere.

I got started buying 288 sq m in Monty because I was looking to build a neuromancer style coffin for sleeping in on a small parcel. This of course would not have worked but that was the crazy idea that started this move back to a Mature sim.

I ended up buying more of Monty.

I did end up back at the 25$ tier level for rent payments. I also spent my credit that would have covered this months rent and premium membership fees. My real life can just barely cover this right now. I am also already thinking about getting money out of this when I sell so I am worried in a greedy sort of way, I must reflect.

I continue to build my club in Monty and I have been able to buy two more adjoining land plots. I also looked around in Monty at all the for sale plots. There is a rainbow outdoor spa area in Monty and a few other small projects. Then there is my neighbour across the road with the huge castle and courtyard garden. I do not see buying that person out and see asking that avatar to manage the Medieval aspects of Monty Python culture. Oh well now my plans involve others.

January 5, 2008

I sold all my Stratus Land.

It is strange as to why I was attracted to Stratus. I thought of Spoke and the episode of Star Trek involving the cloud city of Stratus which ends in mutual class collaboration or dirtying to women of the upper class with mining work of the lower class.

I sold my land now in that sim. I bought some more land in Monty but sold more than I bought and in all I have money now to cover my monthly costs and also lowered my monthly costs.

Also by allowing someone to own more of one sim I have helped that person create a more themed area which they are doing in all their land there.

January 4, 2008

I sold my shop land and about 1600 sq m in total in Stratus

I sold a large amount of my land in Stratus. I had built up almost 4000 sq m there. I have been doing more in the mature sim Monty lately. I have been inspired by a number of in-world events I have participated in lately.

The first was a building class where the object was to build snacks. I learned a lot more about the object editing interface. So partly my forays into Monty have been building a building there. I have spent time lining up objects and trying out things like the free elevator.

The other inspiration comes from a redzone live in Second Life concert that took place a few weeks ago in the Gibson sim. So I have been thinking of building a club. I guess this is a common goal in Second Life and there are already a lot of clubs. I would need to diversify my club to do other things. I had thoughts last night of getting some expression for the club going along the lines of Monty Python in Monty sim. But that is just copying like the Gibson sim does. But I am reading about social simulation theory this evening and thinking of studies in computer based and mathematical simulations. Ah free thought! Copies of copies and empty lives devoid of meaning except by being measured by what we consume. No, not for me, but read on. One point I have been thinking is that consuming is actually a good thing because it helps us live better lives, even if some is excessive. We need the excess to make choices and mistakes. And the green movement can be used to guide those choices. So Second life an Ideal form or copy of the material world? Copying Monty Python?

The idea is brewing to buy all of the Monty sim and build up a Monty Python Inspired world there even with killer rabbits. I should get some money together and watch some more Monty Python and, of course, make a spreadsheet budget for such a sim.

Really Second Life is best done with other avatars. Building alone is not as much fun as social Second Life. The answer to consumption and the only way I can see it as a good behaviour is because of how it helps us with other people. I can see why single persons might like to have virtual avatar sex. Even the more hot topic of cheating avatar sex makes sense in some ways if unethical in my opinion. I certainly get better land deals when I do it avatar to avatar, rather than through the about land interface. Most of the land sales I did yesterday were to a neighbour. Neighbours have also given me land. Yes the book I am reading concludes that simulation as a philosophical theory is too gloomy and should concentrate more on relations with other people rather than consumerism and copies of the material world. I think I like that idea, as I paraphrased it here.

December 29, 2007

I sold and bought some land and also set some more for sale.

I had not realised why a parcel across the protected road way was green in outline until I investigated further last night. It turns out this small 16 sq m parcel was part of a 512 sq m piece I own on my side of the road. I wanted to buy a small 16 sq m piece in the new neighbourhood so thought of selling this 16 sq m parcel I discovered I owned so that I would stay at my present tier levele for land rents. I am also considering scaling back down to a more affordable sized tier level. A neighbour was on-line and I offered the land for sale to him. He did not really want it but he bought it. I then bought the new 16 sq m parcel in Monty my new neighbourhood. I also then set a 1024 piece for sale in Stratus behind my offices. I was able to find and rez my homemade for sale sign and place that on the parcel. I will see how well that works when I log in today. I would also need to sell my office parcel to get back down to the next lower tier. I learned to sub divide. while doing the first transaction. I tried but could not figure out how to join the two new parcels together and think this may not be possible.

December 26, 2007

I bought a 256 sq m parcel of land and an adjoining 16 sq m parcel of land in Monty a mature sim.

I was driven by yesterday's post about looking for a parcel of land in the winter regions when I logged in this evening and searched out land again. I found a relatively cheap parcel for 2000 L$ meaning I paid a little less than 8 L$ per sq m. This is slightly more than the average price for the past 6 months which I think is about 7.66 L$ per sq m. This parcel is near a protected land segment in a near by mainland to where my home is. It is also in a mature sim. This mainland is south of where I am across some ocean. This new mainland is a collection of lands with much water inside and out the land. I also bought a 16 sq m parcel of land to give access to the protected area. The adjoining 16 sq m parcel cost 777$ or about 48L$ per sq m. All in all this cost about 3 weeks allowance and about 6 dollars real dollars. I then started to build a house on my own.

One plan that comes to mind is to cut down my land to just this new parcel and pay only the most basic membership fee with no land tier fee. That could be a money saving option. I could not buy more of the neighbouring parcels this evening because I am maxed out for land ownership size at the 25$ per month tier now.

November 11, 2007

Peter Krogstad bought another small piece of land.

Now almost at the road Peter bought a small parcel in front of the shop. He also set an object for sale in the shop and that is the blackboard viewer he built in the UK Education Island sandbox. It has a picture of a random walk graph in the viewer right now and is not really working but it is an object for sale for 25 L$ in the new shop.

November 6, 2007

I bought yet another piece of land ajoinning my present land and placed a shop.

I was logged in on the train and my wife watched me play the game. I saw a women in an evening dress in the neighbouring lot. I chatted with her and found out she owned the little wooden house on the lot but was not there much and she mostly did role playing games. I asked her if she would mind if I put a shop there beside her lot. I have two 512 sq m lots there now sort of diagonally connected to my office lot and a small 64 sq m lot there too to make a wider connection. So I had just bought the second 512 sq m lot when I talked to the neighbour to that lot. I figured these two joined flat lots would be a good location for a store as they are both close to the protected road.

Then on Monday I searched through the two Yanni's free building folders in my inventory which I have. I found a store and rezed it and then spent about half an hour placing it inside the two lots. This is significant I edited the store while flying so my skills in movement are improving.  I was able to fly around the building and see that it fit inside my property lines properly. The store can also be raised on a pedestal but I sunk the pedestal.  The raised aspect is what got me flying while I edited. The store is very futuristic and that was the last time I was logged in and today I can not log in.

November 3, 2007

My real life brother is going to try out Second Life to sell some graphics.

I gave my official handbook for Second Life for the weekend to my brother who said he would try out Second Life with his family at the computer. He plans to upload graphics and sell clothes and mostly T-Shirts with his graphic art. I told him he could build and sell his stuff on the crystal computing property in other words on Peter Krogstad's land. I had set some land for sale yesterday but today canceled the sales and bought another 512 sq m beside the last piece I bought and think my brother and his family could easily open a small clothing shop in this area and it is near a road so would be a good location for a shop. Peter Krogstad also chatted with a neighbour in Stratus and she likes shopping so that opening a shop will at least, not offend that neighbour to the shop.

October 30, 2007

I went ahead with pay day coming up and bought more land near my offices.

Peter Krogstad started his first Second Life adventure this evening by buying a 64 sq m parcel for a lot of money. It cost the real life person about 4 dollars. Then not stopping there Korgstad bought a neighbouring 512 sq m piece. These are both in the front yard down the little cliff from his virtual office. He did this so he could try out his new editing skill and that is terrain editing. So he bought these lands and then took out some of the cliff and using smoothing, lowering anf flattening. He produced a nice hill instead of a cliff. That was adventure number one last night. Cost was about 30$ US or close to 7500 L$ but he also bought himself another 1000 L$ for his wallet in game. He spent some of this later this morning but that will be detailed in another post.