August 19, 2012

Building Mackinaws to raise isk for a pilot's license renewal.

Margarite and a corp mate are building mining barges. The Mackinaw is an ice mining barge that has seen some upgrades recently. Margarite and her corp mate purchased some Retriever blueprint copies and invented some Mackinaw blueprints and are now building the ships. Margarite has built and sold one and has another on the assembly lines. Selling two of these will almost cover Margarite's pilot license renewal this month.

Margarite also bought a Procurer mining barge original bluerprint and invented about five Skiff blueprints with three runs each for a total of 15 Skiffs possible.

August 3, 2012

The first Anshar is built and sold.

Margarite completed building an Anshar and had it sold before it was even into the factory lines. The pilot who bought it made it possible to complete the job which was very expensive with the high fulleride prices. The prices of fullerides are now lower so Margarite is building a lot of Tech II ships as are other corp mates.

May 9, 2012

Margarite is building a Tech II autocannon Hurricane for a Minmatar associate.

A corp mate of Margarite's loaned her a Hurricane battle crusier that she in turn loaned a Minmatar associate. Worried about a possible ship loss Margarite decided to build an exact replica. The Hurricane was easy as the corp mate gave Margarite a Hurricane blueprint copy to build a Hurricane. The guns are another story. Margarite asked her corp mate to fly to Minmatar space to buy two 425mm autocannon original blueprints. One was for the corporation blueprint library and one for Margarite. She then made ten 300 run copies and tried three inventions of Tech II 425mm autocannon blueprints and had two successes. So she now has the potential to build twenty of these guns. She was able to find enough materials to build forty thermonuclear triggers which is enough for four of the guns. Although she is researching the material efficency of the 425mm original so as to make the manufacture of the base Tech I guns needed for the Tech II guns more efficient, she is instead going to just purchase four Tech I guns to finish making four Tech II guns. This may be enough guns for for Hurricane for now and she can wait to make more and then sell all the extras.

December 11, 2011

40 jumps to to get cheaper mechnical parts

Margarite often finds herself travelling through many systems and jumping many gates just to get cheaper supplies for industry. Items are not always cheapest in Jita.

November 30, 2011

Margarite Liberte is purchasing four new battlecrusier blueprints on the market..

These blueprints will go right into research so as to get a better result meaning these will be built with fewer minerals.

November 13, 2011

Margarite is building two Anshar jump freighters as her first Tech II capitals project

A fellow corp mate donated a 2 run Anshar jump freighter blueprint with a material efficency of -2 to the corp. In exchange for this blueprint and all the armor needed for both of them, Margarite will build one for the corp mate and build one for the corp to sell. So far she has built the base Obelisk freighter for one jump frieghter and some of the T2 capital parts. She almost has enough capital microprocessors built for one ship. Of all the other parts she has less than a fifth of each built. She did just complete building all the capital jump drives needed for one ship.

July 30, 2011

Margarite has a few building plans for today and from yesterday and on going.

Margarite spent some time waiting for ship modules she made to sell so she could buy some remaining minerals to build a Drake for a Caldari pilot in her corporation named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Jessica was fiiting a Drake with Tech I level fitings and completing missions with an old friend of Margarites'. Of course, Jessica has the skills to fly a Tech II fitted Drake so Margarite is making her a new Drake which is now done. The fitting are still to be built or bought. Margarite is keen on building all the ship fitting such as heavy missile launchers and various shield modifications that are recommended for a Tech II fitted Drake instead of Jessica buying them. So this is one project Margarite is working on.

Margarite is also being asked to build 4 Noctis ships and is working on 1 of her own too. So this is 5 Noctis. These will all be outfitted with Salvage Tackle 1 medium rigs. Margarite has 2 of the 3 rigs needed for her own Noctis and Jessica will be delivering some mission salvage to Margarite that hopefully allows the 3rd rig to be built.

Margarite is still working on building a Obelisk freighter. She also picked up an Orca blueprint copy and flys a corporation owned Orca quite regularly for buying and transporting materials for industrial production.

Another plan which is really just a part of regular corporation production includes building 4 Falcons, 1 Onyx, 1 Curse and 1 Pilgrim. Other corporation ship building includes 4 Taranis and 3 Anathema. These frigates are built, what is lacking are the fittings for these before they are shipped to 0.0 for use by other corporation pilots.

Margarite also has plans to outfit her own Sin, an Eris, and finish the modifcations for her own Taranis. This Taranis is to be remembered as the ship fitting that inspired Margarite to start to build the fittings for ships, as well as, the ships. Also in terms of her own ships she wants to try to invent another Occator and has always failed trying to invent these. Later today she will try again to invent an Occator blueprint copy when she has finished another large batch of Tech II ammo blueprints. She has only so many invention jobs she can work on at one time and the ammo invention takes only 37 minutes at a try.

Another ship invention and build project is for one of her factory workers. This Minmatar pilot has 1 Mastodon built by Margarite. Margarite is working to invent some medium cargohold optimization II rigs for this ship. She has invented the Tech II rig blueprints for these and this was her first rig invention success. The materials needed to build these rigs are very expensive, so they are also waiting to be built. Margarite would also like to built this factory worker a 2nd Mastodon and also 2 Prowlers. The worker pilot also has to train more to use the proper shields for these ships and the cloaking devices for the Prowlers.

March 28, 2011

Margarite did, in fact, succeed in inventing two Black Ops battleship blueprints out of four attempts.

Margarite is only three days away from having all four race encryption and starship engineering skills trained to level V. Years ago she had volunteered as her corporation's Amarr engineer and had eventually trained both Amarr skills to V. This took months because she trained other skills too. She managed quite quickly to pick up the other race skills except for Minmatar encryption which is only three days from completion of training to level V

This prologue is only a hint that her perfect skills made the chances of succeeding at this invention of Tech II battleships that much more likely. She used two decryptors and one succeeded yielding a -2 material efficiency blueprint meaning much less materials are needed to construct the ship. The other success was from one of the two invention attempts without decryptors and this of course yielded a -4 material efficiency blueprint that will cost more in material amounts to build the ship.

She has built all the parts for the first ship now except for the microprocessors. She will not be building the microprocessors soon, as the price of one of the materials for these microprocessors, namely the nanotransistors, is much too high on the market now. In all, the nanotransistors on Tech II ships are the most expensive material and definitely affect the cost of building more than other materials. So she waits for the price to fall on nanotransistors.

March 24, 2011

Margerite is now trying to invent Black Ops battleship class Tech II ships.

The chances of successfully inventing a Tech II battleship start around 20%. Margarite can get this up to the mid 20's range with skills and decryptors. She is trying to invent some Widow black op ships for corp mates and also a Sin Gallente black op ship for herself.

January 8, 2011

Margarite took some profits from the corp's successful ammo production work

Margarite had been working like a dog, a flying gate jumping dog, supplying the corporation with the materials for building ammo. Her long voyages of 60 plus jumps to find cheap rocket fuel or to buy new ammo blueprints like Depleted Uranium in Minmatar space where these blueprints are cheapest have started to pay off. The other corp mates use alts or jump clones to jump back out of 0.0 to clones in high security space to join the building efforts. We have other builders simply manufacturing ten jobs at a time of tech II ammo. A few other pilots help with other tasks like invention and supply. Mostly Margarite manages this whole operation so today paid herself some wages. She procured from the corp ship stocks two Basilisk Logistics class ships for her young Caldari combat protoge. She in fact, built these ships last month almost single handedly. Ships just are not profitable to make for sale. Making ships though still does save money on buying them. I hope that makes sense. The Eve market is a strange beast.

November 18, 2010

Margarite is supplying her corp 0.0 fighters with ships these days.

Profits from ammo making continue to roll in. It is a tricky market and barrage ammo is selling too cheap right now in Jita. Void should be a good long term alternative. Profits are being used to pay the builders wages and also to fund the making of tech II ships like interdictors and logistics.

Margarite is helping a young pilot with her training as this young pilot hopes to move out to more combat in 0.0 space and fight for the corp. The pilot she is sponsoring is named Dutchess JessicaLeto. Margarite is building her ships of all kinds and hopes to supply her with two of each Caldari ship. So far she has made her two of each Tech 1 frigate and is about half way through supplying her with two of each Tech I crusier. So far Jessica can fly only a Buzzard in terms of Tech II ships. So Tech II ships will wait for awhile.

March 3, 2010

Margarite sold the Orca she built.

Margarite sold the Orca she built and bought a friend a Pilot's License Extension. She had 80 million in change after this and proceeded to build more tractor beams.

August 12, 2009

Margarite's first goal when she left the Center for Advanced Studies was to own an Arazu. Now she owns one.

The first Tech II ship Margarite set her eyes on when she graduated from the Center for Advanced Studies was an Arazu. She has, just this past week purchased one of these from her corporation ship building program. She still must train cruiser piloting to level 5 to fly the ship but she is well on the way now. She long ago trained to fly recon ships.

Margarite's Occator now has rigs and can hold 35 K cargo now.

The most expensive parts to building cargo rigs are the armored plates. Margarite bought the amount she needed to build two rigs for her Occator. The Occator was a planned ship a long time ago and of course her tractor beam business plan supported it. In the end it is more likely that what actually paid for this Tech II transport ship and now the rigs she just built are her corporation production wages. At any rate her number one transport can now carry 35 K of cargo up from its previous 26K..

August 3, 2009

The long day continues now flying in the Occator, as Margarite picks up a mexallon contract and buys datacores for invention of tech II ammo.

The Occator Margarite has been flying almost exclusively is a great long space travel ship for carrying large amounts of materials and thus is a good trade ship. Today while mining a corp mate offered some mexallon on contract at 28 ISK. So after loading up with the minerals from the days mining Margarite traveled 27 jumps to pick up the mexallon from the contract. Once here she started the many jumps back back to the production home world. She also needed to buy more datacores for the corporation ammo production. She has almost now purchased what she needs and is picking up these datacores and making her way home again.

June 14, 2009

The latest war and getting spied on.

There was a war recently declared against Margarite's alliance. Apparently one of her alliance members was using some zero zero systems that some group claimed as their own so decided to declare war on Margarite's alliance. To prepare Margarite was warned to get into her low grade clone which she did. She also readied her Keres, her Ishkur and her new Vexor. She saved the set ups on these then stripped them and put the mods for each ship in a medium or small container and then packaged the ships and then put the containers and three ships in her Occator and started to fly to a system near the corp meeting point for the start of the war. She actually chose to go to a near by system she has been running missions in and when she docked there was a red star in the station with her. A red star beside a pilot's name means they are a war target or enemy pilot. This was strange to find a war target right there. She seemed to be being spied on. Anyway she logged off and wasn't able to come back much and, in fact, switched back to her more powerful clone at about the same time the war was invalidated.

April 11, 2009

The ships that were sold to buy the PLEX.

In an effort to save real money, Margarite is flying on PLEX time or earned time. To make the final 50 mil towards her PLEX she sold her Taranis and her Helios. She did not fly these and could not fly the Taranis yet as she did not have the skills for it. She also rarely flew her Helios and never flew it for its purpose. Since the Viator and Occator can use cloaks she uses the cloak on the Viator. She also uses a cloak on her Keres. She learned cloaking to fly an Arazu which she also does not yet have skills for because she still needs another 16 days to train Cruiser to level 5. Also the Arazu is a specialty recon ship meant for PVP. Marge generally avoids the sharp edge of PVP. Part of her game technique is, in fact, successful avoidance of PVP.

December 28, 2008

Margarite has fully trained her skills for flying a Keres.

Margarite has trained to fly a Keres. She has chosen three battle clinic builds for various roles in fleet PVP operations. She has also bought all the modules for these three builds. She is though not flying in corporation or alliance PVP fleets but is on the home front making ammo for the fleets.

She has tried the basic cloak for her Keres. But she has not tried all the other modules yet. This means basically she does not fly this ship yet.

December 13, 2008

Margarite has been training to fly ships as her present focus

Although Margarite is an engineer she is training her piloting skills and skills needed to fly ships outfitted according to battle clinic builds she has chosen.

Here are the ships she either, owns, or has ordered to buy. The times remaining in her training schedules to use the outfitted ships are also included.

3 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes
4 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes
30 days, 5 hours, 17 minutes
28 days, 11 hours, 2 minutes
19 days, 19 hours, 39 minutes

The first two both require Sensor Linking level 4 so they can be trained at the same time. Then all the ships require different skills. She has also trained Drone skills so she can now use Tech II Hobgoblin drones.

December 3, 2008

Margarite has bought two Tech II ships in the past two weeks.

Margarite has bought a Ishkur assault frigate. This is a Tech II frigate used in Player Versus Player (PVP) fighting. She does not do much of this playing. The Ishkur was recommend by the CEO of her corp. The CEO told her to fly one of these when she mentioned in chat that she had completed Frigate training to level 5. So she was not planning on flying an assault frigate. She was training Frigate to level 5 so she could fly her Helios.

During this conversation with the CEO Margarite misunderstood the term assault frigate and looking at her skill set saw that she could buy and afford the skill book for Electronic Attack Ship. So during the conversation, she bought this skill book. Then she decided to buy the Keres an electronic attack ship. Again her old friend told her this ship is designed for specialised PVP play.

These two ships were mistakes then so Margarite will not put training for these ships and outfitting these ships at a very high priority. Rather she is now putting a higher priority on training for and outfitting the Helios.

She bought some probes without any advice but bought them all for much lower than the regional market average. So she really needs to learn more about probes. She does now have some probe launchers and BPO's for these launchers. She also is doing materials research on these BPO's.

November 29, 2008

Margarite has now started to outfit her Helios for scouting.

There are three Helios setups in the Battle Clinic builds that Margarite is planning on. All use Covert Ops Clocking Device II's which looks like the most expensive piece of ship's equipment for these builds. For the smaller items of ship's equipment Margarite is buying these or building them. This evening she bought a blueprint for a Scan Probe Launcher 1 and built one and then started some material research on the same blueprint. She will research this blueprint and then donate the blueprint to her corp. She also bought a Recon Probe Launcher 1, in fact, she bought three of them. She also bought the blueprint for a Recon Probe Launcher 1 and will again donate this to her corporation after doing the research on it. She also fitted a Residual Scanner 1 and a cargo expander 1 on the Helios this evening.

She has not started setting up her Ishkur yet. Her Keres is being built now this weekend. After this her next ship next weekend is a Viator. She can afford the Keres but the Viator is 32 million ISK plus the transports skill book of 25 million ISK.

November 7, 2008

The first attack and loss of ship. Bye bye to the Iteron Mark 5 all minerals lost.

They said it would happen and it did. Margarite was in a system picking up minerals and because her corporation was at a war she became a target. It took less than 30 seconds for her ship to be destroyed and she barely warped away in her pod to safety. Nanobot the enemy pilot had been spotted in system earlier and Margarite should not have undocked. So it was her mistake too. She lost about 11 million ISK of minerals in the attack. Her Iteron Mark V was destroyed. The irony is this was a mineral run to make 25 tractor beams which she was going to sell for 25 million and then she would have been able to buy the transports skill book. These transport ships are armored versions of the Iteron and had she been in one of these ships she might have been able to escape with her ship.

October 3, 2008

After some 11 days of training Margerite is flying her first Battle Clinic outfitted ship.

Margarite planned to build a Thorax and did using corporation blueprints and her own minerals. She researched the Battle Clinic version of the Thorax and one came out miles ahead. This was submitted to Battle Clinic by Unprogrammable and had 77 votes when Margarite began to put this together. It now has some 87 votes. After building it she had some extra ISK from the closing of her former player corp and she bought the Tech II blasters and 1600 MM tungsten nano plate and other items like drones and ships systems in this build. She then trained for 11 of the 15 days needed to fly the build. She still has some four days left to train to get her high speed maneuvering to level 4. But she flew the Thorax this evening and used the blasters on some NPC pirates. She is following advice from other players.

She also used her Tristan to completed some level 1 missions. She actually had to attack a CONCORD ship in this mission. But nothing happened even though CONCORD are like the police in this game. After reprocessing all the ships loot she made about one million ISK from the mission.

September 14, 2008

One of the readers of this Blog has been helping Margarite this past week.

Margarite is interacting with members of her new corp. One pilot reads this blog and helped her quite a bit as have other members of the new corp. They have been helpful and cooperative and also interesting pilots to work with. Her player is learning a lot of tricks and techniques from these members of the new corp. She has been tasked as a hauler a few times now. She earns some money doing this.

She has also been to a Player Owned Station (POS) now and tonight started her first copying run in the POS. She is trying to invent some tech II rail guns for her future combat ship. She also used a corp blue print to make a Thorax which should be ready in about an hour now.

Her friend advised her to fly a Thorax. She also bought a Heilos but can not fly it yet and also has some many days to learn to fly it with the right rigs, probes, fittings and skills.

The other news in ships is that she is working and studying towards building a couple of Eris ships. Another corp member who is also just learning invention offered to invent these tech II level Eris BP's for her. She will give one ship to her friend who loaned her the ISK for the skill books she needed to start inventing!

But there is really no other news in ships except that she now has two Exequrors but the new one is not outfitted yet.

August 16, 2008

Margarite is working more with her corporation but we can not give details. She is getting good advice

Ever worried about PVP Margarites corporation has to keep its secrets so she can not blog details like locations and whereabouts. She is learning to show info of other pilots in the systems she is in. This way she can identify the pirates and the good guys.

She has been mining with other corp members and doing quite well with about 4 million ISK per mining run. She mines in 0.5 sec space now. This means she can mine her own Isogen which is the fourth most common mineral and second sort of "out of training" mineral she encountered. Up to this point she has had to buy Isogen to make things with it. Now she can mine it on her own but needs to get refining to level 5 before she can train Omber processing. Omber ore is what produces Isogen.

She flew the Retriever for the the first time last night with Strip Miners.

She also is being advised to fly a Catalyst for salvage and clean up of missions. It has taken her a week now and she still does not have the Catalyst she bought fitted to the ideal. She did buy the blueprint for Small Tractor Beams I and is now making these in the past two days. She needs to make her self three of these for her Catalyst and she needs four salvagers. These are seven high slots but the Catalyst will take 8 and is a tech I destroyer class ship. It is also a cheap ship. This reminds her she should buy the blueprint for this ship.

Her security status is now 0.07.

August 8, 2008

Margarite bought a Tristan and flew a mission

Margarite has been making all her ISK mining. She also makes ISK from gifts like yesterday when a pilot that bought 1 unit of Tritanium for 4,999,999 ISK. Thanks for the ISK. Another player advised her she could make much more ISK if she flew missions and refined the stuff the she salvages and loots from pirates. It is true she has just made a lot selling salvaged parts in the past week. So this fellow advised her to get a Tristan frigate for the level 1 missions she has yet to do. She did this and has started to outfit the Tristan and flew one mission successfully so far killing 7 pirates and looting and salvaging their ships. She is now learning missiles and has also learned to use ship mounted repair devices.

Her first Tech two item was a Miner II, of course. Today she fitted a Tech II Small Capacitor Battery.

August 4, 2008

The coming two month's ships and when Margarite can fly them

Margarite's player is a student so the year begins about now in the beginning of August in the school paper agenda. So looking now at Margarite's main plan from Eve Monitor she will report today her future ships for the next couple of months and the soonest she can fly them: What is below is actually only the next two months at the moment: Her Eve Monitor plan is actually just short of one year long.

This wil be flyable in 00/00/02:08:03 ( 2 days, 8 hours and three minutes)

August 3, 2008

Why not choose both? Cooperation in Eve has allowed Margarite to have both the Retriever and the Covert Ops skill book before 14:00 Eve Time.

Margarite was on her first mining run after the downtime when she was engaged in chat with a player with 4 alts. This player was just back from 0.0 systems. Where Margarite is, is his home base. This fellow or women had 2 of these alts at 4.0 security status. So the pilots did not seem a threat to Margarite. She chatted with one of the pilots. She told the pilot she was just mining to buy a Retriever. He said, he would give her one for free. Margarite was suspicious. And even when he offered her a contract for a Retriever for 0.00 ISK, she checked it out first with her corp CEO. The CEO said, an Item Exchange should not be a hazard. So Margarite went for it; and now has a free ship. She then bought the skill book for Covert Ops with her ISK. So she made both goals today. And welcome home great hero you will not be forgotten for your gifts to the engineering las Margarite.

Margarite will not be able to afford a Retriever before downtime; but may be later after downtown she will afford her next ship.

She is doing her last mining run before downtime now. She hopes to be done just 10 minutes before downtime and that is when her cargo container, or "jetcan" as they are known, is set to explode. She must empty it before that point. It is about half full now at 10:10. She should be fine as long as the computer does not crash nor her connection to the Eve server get lost. She could also be delayed by pirate attacks.

She has just shy of 3 million ISK now in her wallet. But she needs 5.2 million for the Retriever ship she wants. She will not be able to make up this difference in this one remaining run. So that means she will not be able to buy the Retriever before downtime. She may, in fact, need about 5 or 6 more runs to get enough ISK. A full can run for her Iteron III capacity seems to be taking half an hour when things go smoothly. She can not assume the runs will go as smoothly after downtime. But she may have enough ISK to make a delivery contract for the Retriever at a good appealing price by 16:00 Eve time today.

She considered buying Covert Ops with her present funds so that she would be buying before downtime but has now decided that would not be smart. So until after downtime then.

Well before she could finish this post and just before the end of her run, the pirates did attack. She beat them quick with her cruiser. She looted their cargos. Now her Iteron is salvaging them and she has emptied her cargo container full of Azure Plagioclase. And now she is docking safely for downtime. She will just have time in station to refine the ore and count her ISK if she sells the processed minerals.

And now as downtime is here she has 3.5 million ISK making half a million from that run. She is training Caldari Frigate to level 3 and should be flying a Retriever by early Wednesday evening. She spent close to 2 million ISK on other unplanned skill books today.

Margarite is only 3 days away from being able to fly a Retriever

Training in Mining Barges is now at level 3 for Ms. Liberte. She has 3 days left to train Astrogeology to level 4 then just needs to train Caldari Frigate to level 3. Of course, she also needs to buy the ship which is about 5 million ISK. She may try to buy it with a contract for 4.5 million. This may include delivery which might be nice.

She has been working hard as a miner these past two days. She intends to work as a miner until downtime today to earn the ISK to buy the ship and then just before downtime she will buy the ship.

The next ship after this is the Helios. This is about 17 day's training away including the Retriever. The only two skills she needs to train for this ship are Gallente Frigate to level 5 and then she must buy Covert Ops and train that to level 1.

The Helios is priced at about 9 million. The Covert Ops costs about 3.5 million. She may try to buy the Helios with a contract for 8.5 million.

Her player is enjoying the game and will plan to pay for game time for a few months ahead.

June 13, 2008

A lot of traveling to start the present goal building 20 Iteron Mark III's

After owning an Iteron Mark III for a week or two Margarite checked the price of blue prints for these ships. She was also inspired by other corp members who told her the corp has no blue prints beyond Frigates. She wants to improve the corp so she plans to buy this blue print. The Iteron is an industrial ship used for its large cargo space. The blue print is 6 million ISK. The selling price of the ship to the blue print cost ratio is very good. The price of minerals to build the Iteron Mark III from the blue print is about 0.5 million ISK

Margarite has calculated that if she makes 20 of these Iteron's she will make back her investment in the blue print. The profit is almost 50% on a sale to materials cost difference.

She has so far today bought almost all the rarer minerals for these twenty ships. The remaining minerals she needs for the ship will all be mined. The minerals Tritanium and Pyerite are both selling slightly better than average right now and she needs this sale ISK to buy the blue print. So she plans to mine these and other minerals and sell these two minerals to make enough ISK to buy the blue print. Then she must continue mining to get enough of these minerals for the twenty ships. She traveled through 24 systems including two 0.4 security systems to get the cheapest prices for the rarer minerals. She spent close to 2 Million ISK for these minerals. Because the market cost of the minerals to build 20 ships is 11 million ISK she must mine 9 million worth of the other minerals. Add the cost of the blue print from mining minerals and she must mine 17 million ISK worth of minerals.

June 6, 2008

Getting ships ready for mining. Moving ships around is like Chinese mountain's game logic. But now that she is in the Iteron she has other plans.

She is now parking her mining ship the Exequror and boarding a Gallente shuttle she just made in the station she wants to mine from. This system has between 11 and 13 pilots this morning. Mind you there are some big mining ships here doing work but that is only at one belt right now. So her Exequror is ready to do the mining and Jetcan the ore. She is now flying the shuttle to the station where her Iteron Mark III is berthed. She will fly this back to the system she wants to mine in. Then she will again switch ships and go mining. When she has jet canned three containers she will go back to the station and switch ships to the Iteron and then go and pick up the containers. Then she will process everything and sell it all. She may try first only jetcanning one container as a test run. She is just about to board the Iteron now.

Actually now that she is flying the Iteron she can she that she could mine from this ship by itself as there are two high slots. She will fly back to the system where she is going to mine and swap her Miner II's off the Exequror and and try out the Iteron on its own for mining. This will be one long mining run then.

June 2, 2008

Providing an extra ship in station for the Iteron Mark III

Margarite was loaned an Iteron Mark III. She decided to end this morning's mining and production runs with some reinforcement work. Deciding to leave herself a Navitas Frigate at the same station as the Iteron Mark III. Her plan is now about half completed. She first mined enough Tritanium to make a shuttle for the trip back to her home. When she makes that trip later this morning she will be done.

So she got out of her cruiser at home and emptied its cargo hold but did not strip it. She then assembled and made active an extra Navitas she had kept from production runs for her own use. She fitted this with her extra 150MM Railgun I and an EP-5 Gaussian I Excavation Pulse. She also bought two Expanded Cargohold I's and placed one in the Navitas. She also placed an extra 50MM Reinforced Nanofiber Plates unit in the second low slot. She then bought two more Survey Scanner I's and placed one of these in her ship. She actually had to buy these at another station and is there now. She also bought the blueprint for the Survey Scanner I and is now on her way to pick this up. It is in the same system as the Iteron.

In her cargo at the moment in the Navitas is the extra Survey Scanner she just picked up which she will put in the Iteron Mark III. Also in the cargo are blueprints for the shuttle and her Miner I blueprint so she can outfit the Navitas with a better Mining Laser before she leaves it at the other station. As soon as she picks up the Survey Scanner I blueprint and a replacement 150MM Railgun in her destination system. She will go to the station where the Iteron is waitng and start the production of the shuttle. When that starts she will take a break for an hour or two. She also needs to research whether she can take everything she needs back in the shuttle or if she can buy a cargo expander to help with this. This is the only flaw so far with this plan.

She will have to do some mining with the Navitas before leaving or later to get materials for the Mining Laser but she may just buy these.